15 Imperfect Things That Will Drive You Crazy To Look At

Are you a perfectionist and get annoyed when you see images of imperfect things? Have you ever felt upset over the unflattering linens or driven mad when your friends or relatives came to your house for dinner without leaving their shoes neatly on the shelf?
Many people in the world pursue perfection. And they will be extremely upset if things go wrong, even a little bit. They can only feel comfortable when everything is perfect. There's nothing more frustrating than perfectionists seeing images of imperfections – it's like a kind of torture for them. If you're a perfectionist and want to test your patience, check out the following 20 pictures of imperfect things and hold back so you don't have to scream in frustration!
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1. The mood-destroyer toilet bowl

Source: pinimg

2. Is this a pizza or a hand fan?

Source: reddit

3. This is definitely a giraffe in the world of toilet furniture

Source: Brightside

4. Is it necessary to hang the chandelier so deflected?

Source: i.chzbgr

5. That spider must be dozing while weaving his web

Source: qph.cf2.quoracdn

6. The picture can never be completed with these mismatched pieces

Source: dsau

7. This set of teeth needs to be braced as soon as possible

Source: taylor-dental

8. Come on greenie, come back to mommy, not over there!

Source: playbuzz

9. If this doll is human, she really needs plastic surgery to rearrange her face

Source: Brightside

10. Can you spot an anomaly in this photo?

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

12. The function of this design is probably to replace a bag hanger

Source: boredpanda

13. Behold...Queen of herniated disk!

Source: boredpanda

14. It looks like an image from the magnifying glass

Source: cheezburger

15. This cabinet is definitely designed for people with two misaligned arms

Source: boredpanda

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