Harry Potter Memes: 24 Hilarious Memes That Can Give You Some Magical Laughs

Can you believe it’s been over 20 years since the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, hit the big screen? The seven-part series, chronicling the life of the protagonist Harry Potter and his friends, was a universe Rowling created for us, with intricate details and by the end of it, we were at Hogwarts, fighting it with them. The series became a classic and generated several parodies and fan theories.Good memes never get old, and Harry Potter memes are no exception. Harry Potter memes pop up every so often to prove that the essence of the story is timeless and its inconsistencies always make us laugh. So check out some of the best – and almost classic at this point – to give you some magical laughs.

#1. I Forgot One Fact.

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Harry reflect on how long it had been since he'd seen Ron after weeks of sadness over his first major fallout with him. Except for the fact that they were roommates! Of course, they ignored each other when they were in the same room, but when Harry warns Ron to "Stay away from (him)," he starts looking like a moron.

#2. Are You Sirius?

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One of the most famous Harry Potter memes is based on the pronunciation of fan-favorite character Sirius Black's (Gary Oldman) first name, which sounds a lot like "serious." So now and then, a meme will appear in which someone asks, "Are you serious?" and the other characters respond with their names, such as "No, I'm Severus."

#3. If Wizardry And Plumbing Don’t Workout, Harry Has Promise As An Electrician.

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Way back in 2001, when eleven-year-old Harry finally discovered he was the son of powerful wizards, and therefore one himself, he was baffled with the information that Rubeus Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) gave him, and replied with an innocent “I’m a what?”. In the years that followed, fans got creative and made many alternate versions of the dialogue.

#4. Lovely Mother

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How can someone speak a language that they haven't learned? We all speak our native tongues because we were raised in those environments. Take, for example, Tarzan, who couldn't speak any language because he was raised by gorillas.

The justification given in the books is that it is a gift people are born with. But then Dumbledore learned the language somehow, so who taught him? There’s also the matter of how Harry can easily converse with Snakes with pinpoint accuracy. Surely he must make some mistakes. It’s not like we know every single word in English or whatever language we speak. This is why it’s humorous to think Harry may have inadvertently insulted the snake’s mother.

#5. The Best Friend A Kid Could Have.

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#6. Obsessed With Harry Potter Meme That Is…

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“When my friends say that I’m obsessed with Harry Potter: Are you Sirius? What’s Ron with you? You’re being Riddikulus.”

#7. " A Delicate Person "

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“Why don’t you have a nose?

#8. Is It Liberation Or Kidnapping?

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A mistreated 11-year-old child is unlikely to trust a hulking giant who bursts through the door and begins waving a pink umbrella around, hurling threats and claiming the child is a magical being. Perhaps the boy would have fled or hidden if he knew the Dursleys would not protect him. But we're not sure if a half-smushed birthday cake and a hand-written letter from another unidentified self-proclaimed wizard are enough to prove you're not a kidnapper.

#9. Harry's Penthouse

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What do you think about Harry's penthouse?

#10. SALE 50%

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#11. James Or Lily?

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#12. Hogwarts Security

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#13. The Greatest Dads On The Planet.

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#14. A Valentine's Day With Myself.

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#15. Spoiler Alert: Santa’s A Wizard!

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#16. Damn!

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#17. Let's Smile!

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#18. And A Legend Was Born.

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#19. Never Thought About Voldy In That Way, Did Ya?

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#20. Don’t Take It So Literally.

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#21. Army Or Noses?

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#22. How I Met Harry Potter Memes.

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#23. But Did You Die?

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#24. Do Mediocre Wizards End Up Becoming Plumbers? We Need Answers.

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