10 Hilarious Simpsons Homer Memes That Can Crack You Up

The Simpsons Meme has inspired some seriously hilarious memes over the years. Here's a look at some that never get old. If The Simpsons theme song didn't immediately begin to play in your head as soon as you read the title, are you even a true '90s kid? And would you think that the program debuted in 1989? Over the years, Homer from The Simpsons has sparked some truly funny memes.

You'll feel better after seeing these images, and everyone will laugh. Additionally, they'll make you must have to rewatch your favorite episodes. Here are 10 memes of Homer in all his glory, standing in for all of us:

#1. Homer Quote

Simpsons MemeSource: Knowyourmeme

#2. The Main Risk To Car Owners. Homer is no exception.

Simpsons MemeSource: Gamerant

#3. I'm Falling In Love.


Simpsons MemeSource: Buzzfeed

#4. Meta, from the Greek for "among".

Simpsons MemeSource: Knowyourmeme

#5. When You See A Teacher At The Store.

Source: Pinatafarms

#6. When You're Watching The Simpsons And Find A Meme Reference.

Source: Reddit

#7. Us Among Today's Youth.

Source: Knowyourmeme

#8. Hobbies Can Be Dangerous.

Source: Gamerant

#9. He looks fit, but it's all a facade.

Source: Cheezburger

#10. Procrastination Is Real.

Source: Kapwin

We all know what a meme is, but as for how and why some become part of the vernacular while most blink out of existence almost immediately, that’s still anyone’s guess. Memes remain more alchemy than science.

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