‘Iconic’ TV And Movie Couples That Most People Can’t Stand

We love on-screen couples, especially when they have a lot of chemistry between them. However, some “iconic” movie couples just seem to piss off a lot of people, including hardcore fans of the franchises. Some even accused them of ruining the whole show with how toxic their relationships seemed to be.
So let’s see which TV or movie couples really annoyed a lot of people just by existing. Do you think these duos are okay, or they should never be together?

1. Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

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Fans of How I Met Your Mother were so angry when the series ended with Ted and Robin becoming a couple. They just didn’t fit together! Ted was an insecure ex that just couldn’t take no for an answer. He wanted someone to tie the knot with, but Robin didn’t. Instead of letting her go, Ted was obsessed with Robin to the point his behavior seemed stalker-ish.
The show would be 100 times better if they remained good friends. Seriously, Robin deserved better.

2. Allie and Noah - The Notebook

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Allie and Noah seemed like the relationship goal at the first glance, but their relationship was actually quite toxic. Noah literally threatened Allie into becoming his girlfriend by attempting to commit suicide in front of her eyes. He was obsessed with Allie and couldn’t accept her refusal.
Allie was no better. She ruined people's lives by sleeping with Noah for years after they broke up. Their relationship should have ended like a fling instead of a prolonged love story.

3. Rachel and Ross - Friends

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Rachel and Ross’ on-again/off-again dynamic was annoying to watch. Ross was petty, immature, jealous, controlling, and overall an awful lover. Rachel doesn’t care about Ross’s feelings. They both lack trust in each other and try to sabotage the other person when they move on with someone else.

4. Carrie and Mr. Big - Sex and the City

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This is the case of two terrible people getting together and creating a messy relationship. Mr. Big was a certified jerk who treated Carrie like crap and Carie couldn’t communicate what she wanted. Even if she told him what she wanted, it was always too much for Mr. Big to be bothered about.
Aidan treated Carrie a thousand times better, yet she cheated on him and treated him really, really badly. We would never understand why she betrayed Aidan for an a-hole like Mr. Big.

5. Bella and Edward - Twilight

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Twilight fans might think Edward and Bella’s love story were romantic AF. It wasn’t. It was creepy and toxic. Edward was possessive and jealous. He stalked Bella and watched her in her sleep. Even the guy who played him thought he was a serial killer. Bella was no better. She let herself be treated la ike possession and was willing to die so they could be together. She even tried to commit suicide when he broke up with her.

6. Nick and Jess - New Girl

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Fans liked Nick and Jess both separately but hated them together. Their relationship just didn't make sense and was super annoying to watch. It’s better for everyone if they break up and become good friends, but nope. They have to come back together.

7. Aria and Ezra - Pretty Little Liars

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Ezra should be in jail or at least fired and moved out of town. Aria was his student! In the show, Ezra knew this fact and still went out of his way to seduce her so he could use her for information in his book. It wasn’t romantic, it was creepy and manipulative!

8. Summer and Tom - 500 Days of Summer

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500 Days of Summer was told from Tom’s perspective, so most of us sympathized with him and wanted him to get the girl so badly. But if you watched the movie from Summer’s perspective, you would realize the relationship wasn’t what she needed. It was better for her to break up with Tom.

9. Dan and Serena - Gossip Girl

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Dan is a sociopath. He wrote an exposé on all of your friends and family members. Dan even had a blog dedicated to judging his friends and classmates. He got what he wanted by hurting so many people with no punishment whatsoever. Serena deserved so much better than him.

10. Dean and Rory - Gilmore Girls

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Dean flipped out and broke up with Rory when she couldn't say "I love you." Rory hooked up with him when he was married. The fact that Dean was an incredibly possessive guy with a bad temper only made things worse. When Rory wanted to do something other than be with him, he became angry. He even humiliated hseveralber of occasions. The bottom line is their relationship is extremely toxic and they should never be together.
So those are some movie couples that really pissed off a lot of people. They weren’t the only ones who made fans scream out of anger though. Unfortunately, there were other iconic main characters that seemed to be the worst parts of their shows as well. Check these TV main characters out and see if you agree with us.
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