26 Photos That Show How Annoying HOAs Can Get

For those who don't know, HOA is a homeowners association. There are many benefits to living in a homeowners association, such as well-kept common lawns, upscale facilities, and some fun Fourth of July barbecues. However, HOAs are known for their ridiculous rules and restrictions covering a wide range of things, including what color you can paint your house or your fence, how you can decorate your house and your yard, or where you can park your car. Sometimes dealing with HOAs can be so irritating. Below are some examples that show how annoying HOAs can get.

After taking a little diving into Reddit, we came up with the list below. Those are ridiculous rules that HOAs have implemented on homeowners. Scroll down to check out how bothersome HOAs can get. If you also have to deal with annoying HOAs like these people and wonder how to get back at them, read on to get some ideas. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

#1. A friend of mine got a complaint from her HOA about a dying shrub on her property

Source: Idontlikejokes

#2. Celebrating pride despite our HOA not allowing Pride Flags. They don’t regulate yard lights though, so...There’s always a loophole!

Source: memon17

#3. The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn’t hide their trash cans, even though they’ve been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution

Source: kalinkabeek

#4. A friend’s HOA sent letter requesting kids only play in park, not in yards

Source: Simple_Silver_6394

#5. Our lovely HOA dog park—no shade, no turf, just gravel and rocks

Source: click2189

#6. Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running a childcare

Source: JustJJ92

#7. HOA violates your property rights

Source: itsdansheehan

#8. HOA cut our privacy bushes in half without asking

Source: mccarthybergeron

#9. My neighbor received a letter from HOA saying his tree needed to be cut down. This is what he did with the trunk

Source: Runeax

#10. Neighbor’s response to HOA’s email about taking down Halloween decorations. Now it’s a Christmas decoration

Source: keto_and_me

#11. My parents HOA passed a rule this year that all houses in the neighborhood must be 35' from the road. These neighbors may have to tear their house (which has been there for 12+ years) if they are not approved for a Variance Permit

Source: WiseSay

#12. Karen decides that children’s fun isn’t enough of a reason to have a tree house

Source: iSaidYEA

#13. Head of HOA lives across from this guy and was giving him a hard time about the appearance of his house. So he painted his house Pepto pink out of spite

Source: Sdonof53

#14. My mom keeps getting HOA letters about leaves in her yard. This is her response

Source: Skytrip

#15. HOA landscapers threw in a free internet trim

Source: artemis2k

#16. HOA requires that this should be a lawn… but they don’t need to know

Annoying HOAsSource: vareenoo

#17. $50 fine from HOA for having a dead lawn (it's rock) and/or excessive weeds (none)

Annoying HOAsSource: socialpronk

#18. I think my HOA wants to fight me

Annoying HOAsSource: BlueShift42

#19. The neighbors hate us and went to the HOA that we had something poisonous growing in our backyard. Here's my poisonous harvest!

Annoying HOAsSource: nierdo

#20. HOA requires elaborate Christmas decorations in this neighborhood. This resident complied

Annoying HOAsSource: Porcupineemu

#21. I'm parked on my property and I get a violation

Annoying HOAsSource: Yaser_Sharifeh

#22. My HOA put up fences so we can't drive from section to section

Annoying HOAsSource: spacebeatles

#23. Got this letter from our HOA because I "called the police" for reporting landscaping trespassers....yet again! They may "kick me out"..... (more info inside)

Source: zfreakazoidz

#24. The only thing worse than a Florida hurricane is a Florida Home Owner's Association

Annoying HOAsSource: orangeslash

#25. Okay, I broke the HOA rules. But did you have to put a sticker on my car that I can't remove?

Annoying HOAsSource: IslandTwig

#26. You all enjoyed my "handwriting" and pink boots last time. I'm back today after receiving a note from the HOA reminding me to actually finish powerwashing my driveway...

Annoying HOAsSource: ssimpso5

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