Homeowner Refuses To Be Included In HOA, And HOA Becomes Furious

Many residential buildings are currently governed by different HOAs. So, what is HOA? HOA stands for Homeowners Association. Simply put, an HOA is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers and a governing body that establishes and enforces rules for a subdivision of houses, condominium complex, or planned unit development. The HOA is supposed to provide a secure and convenient environment as well as protect property values and the well-being of the community.
However, more often than not, the HOA rules enrage people by encompassing a wide spectrum of homeownership rights. Typically, the rules will restrict homeowners' landscaping options - such as the type of plants or trees, or the external decoration - including the color of the house, or front door. Considering the case of this homeowner. Because the owner's house was so close to the HOA neighborhood that the HOA insisted it must be a part of the HOA and sent the owner a letter complaining about fees, the lawn, and the house paint. Scroll down to check out the entire story. Also, share your opinion in the comment box below.

This is the way the story started

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HOA will say anything to get you on board!

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Here is what people said about this case!

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How dumb the logic is!!

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They have no right to indicate what you do with your property

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Absolutely don't join this HOA

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HOAs are awful

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There is another case and this woman was bombarded with letters complaining about the old cars

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Live your life

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Good advice

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HOAs are selfish prinks

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Enjoy your freedom

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It's your property

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The best of HOAs is not being in one

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They have no power over you

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An interesing idea

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Would definitely do this!

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