1001+ Extremely Funny Baby Expressions That Brighten Your Day!

If there is a prize named "Who has the most expressions?", then this must definitely belong to children. The super cute, funny baby expressions sometimes make us unable to stop laughing. Up to now, images or videos of babies with unique expressions have always received a lot of attention from people. The truth is that their cuteness has the magical power to stop their parents' stress and tiredness, turning negative feelings into great joy and happiness. As a parent, we all know that children grow up fast. Therefore, many parents often try to save their children's cute funny moments and share them on the Internet.Crying, laughing, or the funny expressions of babies in the photos below will make anyone "melt" and burst out laughing. Let's see 15 of the extremely cute and funny moments of babies all over the world.For more articles about babies, just join us here!

1. 'Oh mama, this doll can move!!!' - funny baby expressions

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2. 'OK, OK, I know, I know it all'

Funny Baby Expressions 2

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3. 'I'm so mad, Mom, Dad, stop teasing me!'

Funny Baby Expressions 3Source: iStock

4. 'OMG, I can hold your finger, mama!'

Funny Baby Expressions 4Source: rd

5. 'I told ya, mom. This is a bathtub, not a sink!'

Funny Baby Expressions 5Source: boredpanda

6. 'One, two,, two, three'

Funny Baby Expressions 6Source: YouTube

7. 'Why did you drag me out so early, mommy? I'm not ready to see you guys!'

Funny Baby Expressions 7Source: Pinterest

8. 'Granpa, why is this friend so hairy?'

funny baby expressions 8 Funny Baby Expressions

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9. 'YAY!'

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10. Come on, I'm your big brother. Don't mess with me!

Funny Baby Expressions 10Source: thehealthsecure

11. 'Mom says I look like my dad. Then from now on, I will imitate him.'

Funny Baby Expressions 11Source: YouTube

12. 'Don't mess with me!'

Funny Baby Expressions 12Source: eskideas

13. The cutest sleeping child - funny baby expressions

Funny Baby Expressions 13Source:  Pinterest

14. Do you think I'm scared? Not this time!

Funny Baby Expressions 14Source: taimeme

15. Look at those dumpling cheeks! I really, really want to pinch them once!

Funny Baby Expressions 15Source: Pinterest

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