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AZIZ Unsolved Mysteries Case: Updated Information

Searching for information about the AZIZ Unsolved Mysteries case? Here we go! The last three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 were added to Netflix Friday, marking the conclusion of the third volume of the series. Investigations into a series of unexplained deaths and disappearances are the focus of these episodes.

The final episode is titled “Abducted by a Parent,” and it tells two different stories: the first follows a father named Abdul Khan, whose son was abducted in 2017, and the second focuses on a mother named Rebecca Downey, whose children were abducted in 2014. Both of these events took place in the same year.

#1. Updated Information About AZIZ Unsolved Mysteries Case

AZIZ Unsolved Mysteries
Source: Unsolved Mysteries

The fact that one of the parents of the child or children in each of these two stories took them is something that both of these tales have in common and is one of the similarities between them. In the instance of Abdul Khan, we discover via interviews with him that in the year 2010, he and a woman whose name was Rabia Khalid fell in love, married, and had a son named Aziz. Also, here is updated information about the Patrick Mullins Unsolved Mystery case.

Despite the fact that they were happy early on in their relationship, in 2014, they made the decision to end their partnership and go their own ways. Despite the fact that Rabia had apparently given him hints that she was ready to work on their marriage, Abdul Khan was taken aback when he was handed divorce papers. He had been under the impression that she was willing to try and save their marriage.

As soon as Rabia and Abdul Khan’s divorce was finalized, they both expressed a desire to have primary custody of their son Aziz. This desire resulted in a heated custody battle between the former spouses. After the decision was made in favor of Abdul Khan in the custody dispute, Rabia Khalid filed a complaint with the court regarding Abdul Khan’s violent behavior.

#2. What Happened To AZIZ?

AZIZ Unsolved Mysteries
Unfortunately, Abdul was unable to reconnect with Aziz. The year 2017 was the year that Rabia Khalid was supposed to meet Abdul Khan with Aziz at a courthouse, but neither of them showed up. Rabia Khalid felt her hopes had been dashed. Also, you may have an interest in news about the Marliz Unsolved Mysteries case.

Rabia Khalid and her new husband, Elliot Bourgeois, took Aziz hostage in order to stop Abdul from having primary custody of the boy and use him as a bargaining chip in their divorce. We are unable to confirm whether or whether Rabia Bourgeois and Elliot are still together; however, we are aware that Rabia Khalid and Aziz have not yet been located.

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