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  1. #1. What Happened To Marliz Unsolved Mysteries?

Marliz Unsolved Mysteries: Updated Information

Searching for updated information about the Marliz Unsolved Mysteries case? Here we go! Marie Elizabeth Spannhake, who was 19 years old when she was last seen in Chico, California, in 1976, is the subject of one of the most recent episodes of the documentary series Unsolved Mysteries, which is available on Netflix.
Not until 1984 did a woman named Janice Hooker to come forward and accuse her husband, Cameron Hooker, of kidnapping and murdering Spannhake, also known as Marliz, all those years ago. Janice Hooker came out to make her accusation.

#1. What Happened To Marliz Unsolved Mysteries?

Marliz Unsolved Mysteries Source: Netflix
On the episode of Unsolved Mysteries that features Janice's account of the events, it is revealed that she is accused of assisting Cameron in the kidnapping of Spannhake on January 31. She stated that Spannhake was transported to the couple's home in Red Bluff, where Cameron allegedly assaulted Spannhake viciously. She claimed that Spannhake was escorted to the home by the couple. According to Janice, she passed away during the procedure, and the pair then buried her off a dirt road leading toward Lassen Park.
Despite Janice's testimony, Cameron was not charged with Spannhake's disappearance because her body was never found. However, Cameron was convicted of crimes against another woman he kidnapped, Colleen Stan, who ultimately survived her seven-year captivity. Since Spannhake's body was never found, Cameron was not charged with her disappearance.

The Twist

Marliz Unsolved MysteriesBut where is the body of Spannhake at this time? According to the office of the California attorney general, she is still being investigated as a missing person. Unsolved Mysteries chronicles several unsuccessful attempts to locate her body, including Janice's participation in visiting possible burial locations outside of town.
Jodi Foster, a single mother who moved into Spannhake's previous apartment in 2000, recounted ghostly experiences in her abode. Long after she had moved out of the flat, she said that she dreamt about numbers that she believed might assist in the search, including a probable road name: A17.
Her leads were investigated, but in the end, they did not produce any results that led to the finding of Spannhake's body, and the investigation into her disappearance remains incomplete. There are other hypotheses to consider, as is the case with any real-life criminal investigation. "If it wasn't Marie, then I think it was another female who disappeared... It's possible that not all of the facts regarding Marie were revealed; maybe she got the sites muddled up, or maybe the skeletal remains were transferred by animals or others. claims the user u/ColdHeartedSleuth of Reddit.
A commenter on Reddit by the name of u/CorvusCallidus postulated that Janice may have been reluctant to provide too much information for fear of jeopardizing her legal standing. They add, "I doubt the immunity would apply to Marie's case... she undoubtedly knew at some point that giving more evidence would place her in jail with her husband." "I doubt the immunity would extend to Marie's case."
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