25 Funny Sign Boards That Are Definitely Messing With You

We can easily spot signs everywhere, ranging from toilet signs to road signs, and advertising signs. Each type of sign has different purposes, informing you, keeping you safe, or delivering information about something - just to name a few. Because signs are intended to draw attention to something important, some are designed attractively and their phrases are utilized succinctly. However, you might stumble upon some funny sign boards that transfer the wrong message for many reasons (wrong word choice or confusing pictures).
Take these misleading and funny sign boards for example. They totally mess up with anyone sees them. Scroll down to check them out. We are sure that you will have to double-check them to make sure what you have seen is not wrong.

#1. It's pretty good advice

Source: Orange-Crocs

#2. I'd better get that ticket before it's too late

Source: Mr4NAs

#3. Stoplights in Lake Tahoe filled with snow due to a crappy design of not having the bottom cut out to prevent snow accumulation. It’s a world-class ski area, snow should be a key factor in all design decisions

Source: Worst_Username_Evar

#4. Do the children lay on the road?

Source: thebob619

#5. I only saw the left window at first and got very confused

Source: generationfire

#6. A sign that looks like it says "follow someone home"

Source: TabCompletion

#7. Actually, on second thought, I’m not so hungry

Source: Quillford

#8. Commas people

Source: TardyFriend3

#9. It's basically true though

Source: Sprayer93

#10. Volvo's new campaign has a scorched-earth policy

Source: Ikbeneenpaard

#11. Nice place to cut off the sign Disney

Source: ImSheen

#12. This sign that due to shade and letters being close to each other is almost unreadable

Source: polish_animu_boi

#13. This exit sign actually looks really neat

Source: Andr0ximus

#14. These restroom door signs

Funny Sign BoardsSource: earthmoonsun

#15. The sign telling us where our room is

Funny Sign BoardsSource: BlessedCanadian

#16. My husband is in the process of redoing our lawn. He recently began killing off all our grass. I didn’t want our neighbors to think we were neglectful homeowners, so I made a sign…

Funny Sign BoardsSource: csidlauskas

#17. A funny warning sign I found in Turkey

Funny Sign BoardsSource: GerritDeBloempot

#18. Everyone kept hitting their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I hung a sign as a warning

Funny Sign BoardsSource: hot_controller

#19. A local music store in my town has had this sign up for a few days. The shoe store across the street finally replied

Funny Sign BoardsSource: madsmadhatter

#20. The sign says "teaching kids good manners", but it looks like you're just getting the baby into the trash

Funny Sign BoardsSource: alphaMrWave

#21. This sign at the Akron Zoo that looks like a man peeing in his own face

Funny Sign BoardsSource: -Error-UserNotFound

#22. Had to do a double-take earlier at this sign

Funny Sign BoardsSource: ZacatecanJack

#23. This tooth-shaped sign with a mouth in it

Funny Sign BoardsSource: ColdSunnyMorning

#24. Questionable warning sign

Funny Sign BoardsSource: Enum100

#25. This exit sign in my office

Funny Sign BoardsSource: RaisedByMonsters

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