Funny Presentations That Certainly Get All Audiences To Remember

Do you want to sit through a boring and dry presentation? Nobody wants that. It's not enjoyable for not only the audience but also the presenter. Many presenters frequently use comedy to make their presentations more engaging for their audience, which results in almost all the presentations being unforgettable. Giving a presentation in front of a group of people is challenging, though. It's even harder when it comes to using humor while making sure to deliver information effectively. If you want any ideas to improve your presentation, check out the 25 funny presentations below.

We have compiled a list of the top funny presentations delivered by humorous presenters. They successfully drew the attention of the audience and made them burst out laughing. And they will make you laugh unstoppable too. Let's scroll down and see how these presenters added humor to their presentations to crack the audience up. Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite presentations.

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#1. This is actually really accurate

Source: dafirememer

#2. The important meeting taking place across the street...

Source: [deleted]

#3. That's when I decided this job wasn't for me... (actual slide in a recruiter's presentation this morning)

Source: chandl0r

#4. Did my friend piss his pants? Nope, it's just the reflection of the chairs in the room

Source: [deleted]

#5. At least my chemistry teacher has a sense its humor!

Source: MeowMeowMatthew

#6. This teacher is hilarious

Source: atropicalbar

#7. I had to do a senior presentation on how I changed in my past 4 years of high school and

Source: gothistani

#8. A friend on Facebook shared this slide from her class. The difference between urban, suburban, and rural

Source: jasonreid1976

#9. Put this in my PowerPoint lets see if anybody notices

Source: Crunchypandas

#10. This kid was giving a presentation today in class

Source: a1993d

#11. So this was a slide in class today...

Funny PresentationsSource: jofrepp

#12. Taking notes in Psychology today when all of the sudden...

Funny PresentationsSource: frostedwaffles

#13. One of my international law lecturers had this slide a few years ago

Funny PresentationsSource: viva_la_albert

#14. Would you agree with this statement?

Funny PresentationsSource: sevendoor

#15. Gave a speech today

Funny PresentationsSource: EverythingFerns

#16. 2 girls were having a Nelson Mandela presentation today

Funny PresentationsSource: volar92

#17. Honestly

Funny PresentationsSource: gothistani

#18. My physics teacher doesn't like Justin Bieber either!

Funny PresentationsSource: [deleted]

#19. Slide show for one of my University's classes

Funny PresentationsSource: Collin_b_ballin

#20. Partner forgot to change our names in the presentation he made before he sent it to our teacher

Funny PresentationsSource: Jinndjinnjinni

#21. Meanwhile in a presentation

Funny PresentationsSource: Divinesteel

#22. The best kind of corporate PowerPoint

Funny PresentationsSource: totalymoo

#23. So my classmates asked to use my laptop for their PowerPoint presentation

Funny PresentationsSource: Kpivs

#24. So I had to do a presentation on feminism today in school

Funny PresentationsSource: blatzphemy

#25. A student in my friend's speech class spent 5 minutes comparing John Cena and Jesus Christ

Funny PresentationsSource: mitchapalooozza

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