Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

There's no denying that the news has never been easy to digest nowadays. When you look at what has happened in the world, it's easy to feel down. That is why it is critical to take a minute to recognize the regular individuals with compassion in their hearts who are doing good in the world.
Let's keep scrolling because we have compiled some of the most touching, unbelievable acts of kindness from people around the world for you to enjoy. And since there is always something powerful in these acts, we believe they will quickly make you smile and give your heart a warm fuzzy hug. In addition, each of these photographs has a unique story, so we hope this will encourage you to share your own positive experiences as well. If you're searching for a way to make a difference, feel free to "steal" any ideas from these thoughtful people, and let us know how it goes in the comments section below.

#1. Even though in midst of war, people still have hearts:

Acts Of KindnessSource: Imgur

#2. Everyone enjoying a concert equally.

Acts Of KindnessSource: Imgur

#3. iPhone found and returned.

Acts Of KindnessSource: Imgur

#4. Thirsty koala rescue.

Acts Of KindnessSource: panoramio

#5. Free drycleaners for job hunters.

Acts Of KindnessSource: quipster

#6. Runner helps out a competitor.

Acts Of KindnessSource: huffpost

#7. Boys' wish heard by Sainsbury’s:

Acts Of KindnessSource: dailymail

#8. Faith in corporate humanity (Melbourne edition):

Acts Of KindnessSource: Jaxity

#9. Boots for a homeless man.

Acts Of KindnessSource: nytimes

#10. The kiss of life! 'Blue baby' given life-saving CPR in the middle of a busy highway:

Acts Of KindnessSource: dailystar

The little boy was listed in critical but stable condition. Doctors said they expect a full recovery.

#11. Kindness is rare but these people are doing it right!

Acts Of KindnessSource: Imgur

#12. Experienced parents support couples who are struggling with their firstborns.

Source: Imgur

#13. This man who knows how to be a good neighbor:

Source: Pinterest

#14. These protesters stopped to take care of a stray dog that was erroneously tear-gassed:

Source: distractify

#15. These guys rescuing a lamb from the river:

Source: arkministry

#16. This man who takes the time at lunch to read every day to a coworker who can’t:

Source: kindnessblog

#17. This guy who became a seat for an elderly lady while stuck in an elevator:

Source: Pinterest

#18. This incredibly generous customer:

Source: consumerist

#19. I'm not smiling, you are!

Source: mommyhasapottymouth

#20. Meet Dan, who brings coffee to everyone at the local Cancer Center:

Source: nedhardy

#21. Man saves a drowning kitten with an umbrella:

Source: Imgur

#22. A villager rescued kittens from the flood, followed by their mother.

Source: newshopper

#23. Kind-hearted people left umbrellas for stray cats to cover the rain:

Source: aboluowang

#24. 84-year-old grandmother in the hospital was embarrassed to wear her nightgown, so her grandson wore one as well:

Source: Imgur

Also, nana still got that "cute girl pose" toe on point!

#25. Christmas elves surprise the homeless with food and gifts:

Source: RomanAtwood

#26. This homeless man was seen reading the same book over and over, so a kind man gave him a Kindle.

Source: Imgur

#27. Passengers on a Japanese train pushed a 32-ton train car away from the platform in order to free a woman trapped in a gap.

Source: Imgur

#28. "Found this in a can of formula I opened today. Thank you, kind stranger. It is truly needed and appreciated!"

Source: mjeanh

#29. This guy was outside of Walmart tonight:

Source: sbook28

#30.  After 5 years, this kid decided he wanted a haircut and waited a bit longer to make sure it was long enough to donate:

Source: slaymyboredom

#31. Faith in humanity: restored. Now go out and do something nice for someone!

Source: shannongodwin

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