24 Randomly Wholesome Moments That Will Put A Big Ol' Smile On Our Faces

Do you ever feel as if there is nothing nice left in the world? Well, if you do, don't be too depressed because that feeling happens to even the best of us. So, to free you from the world's rudeness, harshness, and insensitivity, here is a dose of randomly wholesome moments that will remind you life isn't all bad.
Prepare to have your heart warmed by watching the moments when everyone captured the bonds that form within families, communities, and animals with each other. We believe that these images show that just a simple heartwarming moment can put a smile on our faces and lift our mood.
For now, let's scroll down to enjoy all of these heartwarming moments. And, because each of these images has its own unique story, we hope it inspires you to share your own wholesome experiences too. Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

#1. "Turned my head after feeling a nudge on my foot. Thankfully a bit of my sandwich made us friends."

Source: seanomatik80

#2. This sweet girl's face while getting scritches.

Source: shotty293

#3. “I was over the moon to see him again."

Source: injaneinthemembrane

#4. A collection of more than 200 4-leaf clovers. Seems like the luckiest person in the world.

Source: EllieBee22

#5. "My favorite puppy went to her new home and I was worried how she was, got this the next morning."

Source: ZoomZoomBlondie

#6. This dog riding a man riding a metro.

Source: Jacareadam

#7. “Got lucky this time. Try to find out why.”

Source: TheSwordAndTheScales

#8. “We were casually standing, and saw this when we looked down...”

Source: heretomakeyouhappyx

#9. "15-year-old blind cat snuggling daughter's toy because it smells like her."

Source: ilovejackiebot

#10. “The service was perfect! I would definitely be born here again.”

Source: TailBiter

#11. He enjoys a fresh perspective!

Source: theleoist

#12. Kittens watching little guy color in.

Source: hdresden87

#13. This good boy that loves bubbles!

Source: Reddit

#14. "This orangutan noticed my grandfather’s amputated leg and ran up, hugged, and kissed him. He didn’t want to leave his side."

Source: Unknown

#15. "My son and I have a lot in common."

Source: jenniferlawrenceofarabia

#16. “He fell asleep while helping my wife with a puzzle.”

Source: Positive-Raccoon9401

#17. "My 2-year-old when her mother and I walked into her daycare 3 hours early with a cake, wearing party hats and singing happy birthday."

Source: DrLeoMarvin

#18. “My grandma’s reaction to the ’small’ stromboli she ordered.”

Source: Cult7Choir

#19. "My brother’s reaction when he saw a peacock."

Source: Genevies

#20. The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime:

Source: 9999monkeys

#21. "Today is my daughter's 4th birthday. I bought her a cupcake."

Source: Benzorgz

#22. “I taught my granddaughter how to make fish lips.”

Source: daveofhalo

#23. "A moment I caught between my daughters."

Source: mickeybob00

#24. “My wife after being away for 8 days.”

Source: tnick771

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