What If Disney Princesses And Their Lovers Lived In Anime World?

Although classic Disney Movies.have been on the air for decades, Disney princesses still have a strong appeal across generations. These beautiful princesses are an endless source of inspiration for many illustrators, comic artists, and players. They have continuously transformed familiar Disney characters into many different images and styles.
So, have you ever imagined what Disney characters would be if Disney princesses and their lovers were all created by the artist of the anime world? Artist Giulliano Ricchi has created some of the most iconic Disney princesses and princes with small noses and wide eyes in the style of anime characters. Can't wait to see these amazing works?
From Snow White & The Prince to Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, check out the collection to see the new looks of our favorite characters below!

#1 Snow White & The Prince

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Snow White & The Prince, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

This first picture captures the ending of the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The Prince happily embraced his bride into his loving arms after awakening the sleeping princess from her cursed sleep. Do Snow White’s hair and red bow headband remind you of Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” movie?

#2 Princess Aurora & Prince Philip

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Princess Aurora & Prince Philip, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

As an anime girl, Aurora looks so great and Prince Philip looks at her very kindly. This image is likely inspired by the scene where Philip inserts himself into Aurora’s arms as she’s singing out loud in the forest. What a romantic photo!

#3 Cinderella & Prince Charming

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Cinderella & Prince Charming, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

Disney's 1950 animated movie featured a beautiful ballroom scene where Cinderella first meets her prince. The artist reimaged this important moment into an adorable moment. This is evident from Cinderella's precious reaction!

#4 Belle & Prince Adam (The Beast human form)

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Belle & Prince Adam (The Beast human form), anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

After the Beast's transformation scene, many fans were disappointed to see his human form because he wasn't as attractive as they thought. In this image, the artist chose to recreate the ending of the film, giving Beast his second transformation in the anime version. As a result, Beast and Belle look so amazing.

#5 Princess Jasmine & Aladdin

Princess Jasmine & Aladdin, anime world, Disney Princesses And Their LoversSource: Giulliano Ricchi

In comparison to the original 1992 film, the artist’s rendition of this sequence is more adorable. In the Disney movie, Aladdin and Jasmine are dating. But it's not a happy date because Aladdin feels bad about himself for making a mistake and Jasmine was angry when being tricked by him. However, in the anime world, Jasmine appears to be thrilled to have figured out Aladdin’s true identity and Aladdin reacts with an endearing expression of confusion.

#6 Tiana & Prince Naveen

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Tiana & Prince Naveen, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

This image is the most special in his collection. The artist tried to accurately imitate the entire swamp wedding scene in the Disney film. He has successfully presented not only Tiana’s and Naveen’s iconic outfits but also their facial expressions. Do you feel the love in their eyes?

#7 Mulan & Li Shang

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Mulan & Li Shang, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

The majority of his artworks feature the couple together in the ending scenes of their movies. In this image, Shang visits Mulan to return her father's war helmet. Once again, the artist succeeds in conveying the character's feelings through their eyes. The two appear to have resolved their conflict and are happy everything worked out in the end.

#8 Rapunzel & Flynn Rider

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

Rapunzel is a lovely princess who has an innocent soul with an adorable and childlike personality trait. Her personality is exposed more clearly when she is turned into an anime girl. And though Flynn he has a charming, yet cocky grin across his face, we can see the gentleness in the man's eyes. What a romantic scene!

#9 Pocahontas & Captain John Smith

Disney Princesses And Their Lovers, Pocahontas & Captain John Smith, anime worldSource: Giulliano Ricchi

Pocahontas is the first Disney princess not to marry a prince or any other man at the end of the film. Of course, this remained a fact until John Smith became her official lover in the Pocahontas 2 sequel. Despite this, the artist captures a sweet moment between the couple. This illustration is inspired by the scene where Pocahontas visits John after he was captured by her tribe.
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