10 Movie Theories That Will Forever Change Your Favorite Films

Movie theories, especially fan-made ones, are wild most of the time. Seriously, many of them sound completely bonkers. They’re so crazy that you can even use the term “fever dream lunacy” to describe them.

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But not all movie theories are bad. In fact, some theorists with keen eyes spotted many clues and details throughout our favorite films and came up with brilliant interpretations. These theories can open up your eyes and change the way you watch iconic movies forever. Yes, they might sound crazy at first, but the more you think about them, the more sense they make.
So whip out your tin foil hat and prepare to go on a wild ride with us. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre movie theories that will shine a new light on your favorite films.

1. Dumbledore Is Death From "The Tale of the Three Brothers" Story - Harry Potter

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In "The tale of the three brothers", death awards the men with three gifts: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak. Dumbledore is also the one who possesses all of the Deathly Hallows. He was the owner of the Elder Wand and he gave Harry the Cloak of Invisibility along with the Resurrection Stone later in the story.
Fans also theorized that Tom Riddle was the first brother based on his obsession with being immortal (or you might say “cheating death”) and his desire to possess the Elder Wand. The second brother was Snape because he always longed for Lily after her death. Lily did come back, in a way, through Harry but the boy was always at odds with him. And finally, Harry was the third brother for he greeted Dumbledore as an old friend at Kings Cross when he died.

2. The Walking Dead Is Breaking Bad’s sequel

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Based mostly on the presence of blue meth in both series, some fans suggested that The Walking Dead could be the sequel to Breaking Bad. His drug empire could have led to the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead. In the second episode of The Walking Dead, Merle's secret drug stash looked a lot like the product that turned White into a kingpin.
Other details supporting this theory include a red sports car and characters named Glenn, Gus Fring possibly being patient zero, and the description of Merle's drug dealer as a "janky little white guy." Daryl even quoted the dealer, saying "I'm going to kill you, b----." Sound a lot like Jesse Pinkman.

3. Jack Is A Time Traveler - Titanic

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In Titanic, Jack sometimes talked about a few things that hadn't been created at that time, like the lake where he went ice-fishing as a kid. Some people think that he traveled through time to find Rose and prevent her from falling off the ship by showing her how happy she could be.
But Jack ended up falling in love with Rose and overstayed his time, so he decided to die in order to return to 1997 and set up the charade of the team of experts talking to an elderly Rose.

4. The Dinosaurs Were Never Actual Dinosaurs - Jurassic Park

finding nemo theory stages of grief aladdin meth memeSource: Universal Pictures and co-producers

If you paid close attention to the details in Jurassic Park, you would notice that the animals in Hammond’s park are genetic mixtures of different creatures. The scientists somehow managed to create creatures that looked like dinosaurs from this concoction, not real dinosaurs. This would explain why strange mutation was happening to the animals in the park.

5. Kevin From Home Alone Grew Up And Became Jigsaw

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We know what you’re thinking. How can the kid from a wholesome movie like Home Alone become the sadistic murderer of the SAW saga? This theory went viral a couple of years ago, and it’s a pretty solid theory too. In the movie Home Alone, you can clearly see that Kevin McCallister enjoyed setting up traps and hurting the thieves who wanted to rob his house. It’s like the kid-friendly version of the SAW saga.
Plus, both Kevin and Jigsaw liked to set up homemade traps and complex games designed to make their targets suffer. They both had blue eyes and blonde hair. Jigsaw’s real name is different, but he could have changed it.

6. James Bond Is A Title Not A Person - 007 Sagas

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It makes a lot of sense for James Bond to be a title rather than the actual name of the spy. The character was 100% human. He isn’t immortal, doesn’t regenerate, and the films change the actor every series or so. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, George Lazenby even said: “That never happened to the other Bond.” James Bond could be a code name like M or Q that many spies used.

7. WALL-E Is The True Villain - WALL-E

movie theoriesSource: Pixar/ Disney

Everybody loves the cute little robot. But what if WALL-E was actually the villain of the movie? Some theorists suggested that WALL-E might represent the serpent from the biblical story about the exile of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. In this theory, the spaceship was Paradise. People who were living there could have everything they wanted and seemed to be happy all the time.
Then WALL-E showed up with the plant, which he gave to a robot named EVA. The two robots created a series of events that resulted in humans leaving the ship and returning to Earth. Seeing that they could barely walk by themselves, we doubt that life on Earth would be as pleasant as on the spaceship.

8. Aladdin Happens In A Post-apocalyptic Future - Aladdin

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Some Disney fans think that instead of being set in the past, Aladdin actually happens in a post-apocalyptic future. When Aladdin released the genie, the genie said that he was trapped inside the lamp for about 10,000 years. Yet he created items and clothes that resemble modern clothing. The genie also transformed Aladdin’s monkey into a car and imitated famous modern actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson.

9. Nemo Was Never Real - Finding Nemo

Source: Disney

Nemo was the only egg that survived the attack, or was he? A chilling theory suggested that Nemo was never real and he was made up as a coping mechanism for Marlin after the trauma of losing his wife and all of his children. In Latin, "Nemo" translates to "no one." Marlin’s journey throughout the movie could also represent the five stages of grief.
The first stage was grief, which was when he invented Nemo's egg after his family was killed. Then anger: he freaked out whenever Nemo was too far away from him. Next was bargaining as he convinced Dory to join his quest. The fourth stage was despair when he saw Nemo being flushed down the toilet. And finally, acceptance, as he was able to let Nemo go off on his own in the end.

10. The Pixar Theory: Every Was Connected

finding nemo theory stages of grief aladdin meth memeSource: Pixar/ Disney

And finally, the most famous theory ever: Every Pixar movie happens in the same universe. Because new films keep coming out, it’s hard to fully explain this theory without writing a whole book. We will summarize the main points for you.
Toy Story is the present day. Finding Nemo and The Incredibles also happen at the same time because there are Buzz Lightyear toys in the dentist's office and a kid reading a Mr. Incredible comic book. Toys become sentient, which can lead to cars becoming sentient beings too. Cars then replace humans, which is what we see in Cars.
Animals also gain sentient and start evolving. They then become monsters, which is why Monsters Inc. takes place in the future. The doors in the movie are actually sending monsters back in time. Boo remembers her friends Sully and Mike, so she attempts to recreate the door that will lead her back to them but travels back to the past instead. She then becomes the witch in Brave. That’s why we can see a carving of Sully in her wood carving store.
So that’s some crazy movie theories that actually make a lot of sense. Which one is your favorite, or do you think they’re all bonkers? Speaking of movie theories and plot holes, if you still have some questing about the details in classic films, check out our list of 10 Famous Plot Holes In Iconic Movies That Are Finally Solved.
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