Top 12 Side Braid Hairstyles On Celebrities

Braids will never go out of style, on which we would wager our entire beauty-loving existence. They may be dramatic, gritty, romantic, laid-back, challenging, or effortless. In essence, they're the ideal hairdo. (Also a girl's best buddy when we unintentionally skip a necessary shampoo or color touch-up.) Oh, and don't even start us on how many times they've saved us on even the worst awful hair days—especially now that it's getting so hot and dry that static, dryness, and general annoyance are common.
In addition, this time of year is jam-packed with parties and celebrations that call for good, if not outstanding, hair days. Faced with this challenge, we scramble to find the quick, chic looks that will see us through the Christmas season and beyond without incident. Our favorite answer? We may easily change our side-braided hairstyles based on our mood and the occasion. Without further ado, here are 12 spectacular side braid hairstyles that we're eager to replicate this season, as shown by some of our favorite strand-blessed celebrities. Scroll down for some of our favorite original takes.

#1 Blake Lively

Side Braid Hairstyles, Blake LivelySource: Harper's Bazaar

While it's difficult to pick a favorite, we adore how relaxed yet perfectly finished this undone take looks on the actress. Blake Lively may be the queen of side-braid hairstyles for girls. Apply some serum to the palms of your hands and smooth down to add shine.

#2 Emily Ratajkowski

Side Braid Hairstyles, Emily RatajkowskiSource: Pinterest

Emily Ratajkowski is famous for her long, shiny locks and signature, stylish blowout. We are therefore all eyes whenever the actress and model debut something surprising. For instance, all we want for the holidays this year is this lovely side-swept braid with a bow.

#3 Gigi Hadid

Side Braid HairstylesSource:

Is it possible to have a hair roundup without involving one of the Hadid sisters? No, we think not. We love this high-pony version of the side braid and can't help but notice how quick and effortless it is to pull off, even though we often consider side braids swinging down by near the nape of our neck.

#4 Hilary Duff

Side Braid Hairstyles, Hilary DuffSource: Well+Good

"This is a great look to lift the face! I’ve been known to do this look a lot on some of my celebrity clients as it freshens up a hairstyle and makes it cool and edgy. Using a texture spray works well to give the hair some grit before braiding!" says Sultan.
Aguirre adds, "Second-day hair is generally a big help when creating this look. If you tend to have oily hair, this may not be the case. Prep is key. Start by using a mousse to add body and texture when you blow dry. Part of a “mow hawk” section on the top and clip out of the way. You can add one braid or 2 (or even 3) to the sides. Starting at the hairline work your way back and braid, stopping just past the ear."

#5 Janelle Monáe

Side Braid Hairstyles, Janelle MonáeSource: Pinterest

We know this seems bold, but we think actress and singer Janelle Monáe is one of the most eagerly anticipated newcomers on our list when it comes to red-carpet beauty styles. Take, for instance, the stunning side-braid hairstyle she sported in 2016 at the Met Gala.

#6 Joan Smalls

Side Braid Hairstyles, Joan SmallsSource: Pinterest

Although Smalls' jaw-dropping royal pout is enough to warrant a screenshot, we also must commend the model for this stylish fishtail braid. It's sleek, timeless, and all-around amazing. We intend to maintain the same aesthetic over the entire season.

#7 Kerry Washington

Side Braid Hairstyles, Kerry WashingtonSource: Telenowele fora

When it comes to hairstyle, Kerry Washington is the definition of a chameleon. We appreciate the contrast between her sleek braid and flawlessly textured layers, even though she has rocked a variety of iconic braids on other red carpets.

#8 Madelaine Petsch

Side Braid Hairstyles, Madelaine PetschSource: Pinterest

Let's take a moment to consider every possible definition of an epic side braid. We adore the way Madelaine Petsch uses a side braid at the top to keep wisps and layers out of the way and to allow room for the kilowatt effect of her ponytail, even though her high-volume style doesn't incorporate all of her strands.

#9 Nia Sioux

Side Braid Hairstyles, Nia SiouxSource: Shutterstock

"A halo braid on pre-braided hair is super simple but looks super intricate," says Sultan. "Be sure to have lots of pins/ grips to hand as this can be quite heavy on the head. Start on the left of the right of the face and plait right across the face to give the illusion of a halo."

#10 Storm Reid

Side Braid Hairstyles, Storm ReidSource: Pinterest

If you spend even two seconds reading through Storm Reid's Instagram page, you'll believe you're admiring a model for hair products rather than a 15-year-old actor. This elaborate variation on a boring side braid, which includes a braided crown and prettily placed braided knots along the tail, has captured our hearts.

#11 Tichina Arnold

Side Braid Hairstyles, Tichina ArnoldSource:

To get this look, Aguirre says, "Start the braid on one side by the ear and work your way to the other side (think of a headband). Finish off the braid then attach a clear band. Smooth out the rest of the hair and start working your way to the nape. A smaller boar bristle brush is necessary for a style such as this. You can either tie off a ponytail and then wrap the hair around or if you have thinner hair, you can create the bun on its own."

#12 Yara Shahidi

, Yara Shahidi, braid hairstyle for girlsSource: Pinterest

Shahidi consistently provides major hair inspiration with her gorgeous tresses, but when we first saw this long, low, side-braid hairstyle with swirled baby hairs along her hairline and a gold sparkling piece at the end that gives the entire look an Amazonian princess look we're loving for party season, our mouths dropped open.
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