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  1. #1. Taylor Swift On Jimmy Fallon Show: "Bejeweled" Was Revealed
  2. #2. Taylor Swift's New Album

Details Of "Bejeweled" Revealed By Taylor Swift On Jimmy Fallon Show

Searching for information about Taylor Swift on Jimmy Fallon show? Here we go! The anticipation has been building since August, when Taylor announced in her acceptance speech for the award for Video of the Year at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards that her new album would be available for purchase on October 21.
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#1. Taylor Swift On Jimmy Fallon Show: "Bejeweled" Was Revealed

Taylor Swift On Jimmy Fallon Source: NBC
On October 21, a brand-new album by Taylor will be made available to the public. Taylor made the following remark at the time: "At the time, I thought it could be a wonderful opportunity to inform you that the release date of my brand-new album is going to be October 21. I had sort of made up my mind that if you were going to be this gracious and give us this, I thought it could be a wonderful opportunity to inform you that." "And I will tell you, even more, when it's twelve in the morning," the speaker continued.
During the same evening, Taylor revealed that the track listing for Midnights contains "the stories of 13 sleepless evenings scattered around my life."
After that, Taylor went on to start a series on TikTok, and in each episode, she revealed the title of a song that would be included on the album before it was ever made public. This was done before the album was even made available for purchase. Initially, a good amount of listeners were under the impression that "Karma" was a critique directed towards Kanye West.

#2. Taylor Swift's New Album

The sole name in popular culture that has been related to the project in some way, shape, or form is Kanye West's name; however, there are other names that have also been linked. In addition, there is Zoe Kravitz, who is credited with writing "Lavender Haze," and Lana Del Rey, who is featured on the song "Snow on the Beach," both of whom are also a member of the band.
These songs, along with the rest of the album, were made accessible to the general public on October 21, as had been initially planned. However, in classic Taylor Swift fashion, she surpassed the expectations of all of her fans by releasing seven additional songs that she referred to as the "3am tracks."
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