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  1. #1. Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries?
  2. #2. The 3 Best Hosts Of Unsolved Mysteries

Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries? 3 Best Hosts

Wondering Who was the host of Unsolved Mysteries? Here we go! On Tuesday, October 18, the first three episodes of the third season of Netflix's remake of the popular docuseries Unsolved Mysteries will be on air. True crime, the supernatural, disturbing dreams, and other baffling phenomena inspire each tale.
We strongly suggest you watch the first few episodes of the newest season in the spirit of Halloween.  You'll wonder what happened and feel terrible for the people who lost loved ones. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries?

Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries, unsolved mysteries host Source: Unsolved Mysteries
Old-school fans of Unsolved Mysteries will remember that the show had a distinctive aesthetic initially. To begin, there used to be a host who introduced the cases and provided commentary on the outcomes. Even if Netflix were to debut a host for its shows today, they still wouldn't be as recognizable as the late Robert Stack, who was beloved by viewers of his original show.
The show Unsolved Mysteries had two prior hosts before Stack was hired and the show started up. We're here to discuss their professional lives and the aftermath of their appearance in the scary documentary series.

#2. The 3 Best Hosts Of Unsolved Mysteries

Robert Stack

Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries, unsolved mysteries hostRobert Stack is often regarded as the show's prototypical host because his tenure as host stretches over ten years. Raymond Burr and Karl Malden hosted a few episodes, but then Stack took over and became the show's primary face for the remainder of the initial run. Stack earned an Emmy in 1960 for his appearance on the show The Untouchables, and he was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the 1956 film Written on the Wind.
Stack was the Unsolved Mysteries host until almost the day he died in 2003. Aside from narrating the docuseries, he also voiced several characters in cartoons like Hercules, The Angry Beavers, Butt-Ugly Martians, King of the Hill, and many more. He suffered heart failure and passed away at age 84.

Raymond Burr - Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries?

Who Was The Host Of Unsolved Mysteries, unsolved mysteries hostWhen Unsolved Mysteries needed a presenter for its debut special (which would later serve as the pilot), it found one in actor Raymond Burr. Films that featured Burr from 1951 to the 1980s include "M," "Rear Window," and several Godzilla pictures. He usually took on villainous roles in cinema noir. His most famous part, however, was that of Perry Mason on the television series that bore his name from 1957 to 1966. And he was Perry Mason in 26 TV movies.
Burr's career continued after his brief appearance on Unsolved Mysteries, with roles in multiple Perry Mason TV Movies.and two features from 1991, The Legend of Kootenai Brown and Delirious. He went away in 1993 due to complications from cancer.

Karl Malden

unsolved mysteries hostBurr was preceded in the Unsolved Mysteries presenting role by actor Karl Malden. After the show started, he hosted two more specials that eventually became episodes. On the Waterfront (1954), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), and Patton (1980) were just a few of the critically praised films he was in before the docuseries (1970).
After his time on Unsolved Mysteries, Malden participated in a few TV movies, including Back to the Streets of San Francisco (1992) and They've Taken Our Children: The Chowchilla Kidnapping (1993). Last seen on TV as Father Thomas Cavanaugh in the 2000 finale of The West Wing. The actor died in 2009 from unavoidable causes. Some say his health had been declining for some time.
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