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  1. #1. Is From Scratch Based On A True Story?
  2. #2. Where Was From Scratch Filmed?

Where Was From Scratch Filmed? List Of Filming Locations

Wondering where was From Scatch filmed? Here we go! From Scratch, one of Netflix's most popular autumn releases is a must-watch for every foodie and Italy buff. The miniseries is based on the real-life experiences of Tembi Locke, portrayed in the show as Amy Wheeler, who finds love, loses love, and begins a new life far from the one she had always imagined.
The best locations in Italy and the United States that used to shoot From Scratch are listed below. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. Is From Scratch Based On A True Story?

Where Was From Scratch Filmed Source: From Scratch
True events served as the inspiration for From Scratch. The miniseries is based on the 2019 memoir and autobiography From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home by Tembi Locke. This narrative begins in Florence, Italy, where Tembi meets and falls in love with Saro, a cook. Tembi is recast as Amy (Zoe Saldana) and Saro becomes Lino in the TV show (played by Eugenio Mastrandrea).
Since his Sicilian family disapproved of his choice to marry a Black American woman (who was also an actor), he and his new wife started their new life in Los Angeles. However, things eventually took a tragic turn, as depicted by the Netflix show's plot.
The show explores ideas like love, grief, travel, and what it means to finally feel at home. Attica Locke, Tembi Locke's sister, and Reese Witherspoon, an actress and producer, are two of the show's primary creators. Due to its nature as a limited series, From Scratch will not return for a second season.

#2. Where Was From Scratch Filmed?

Florentine, Italy

Where Was From Scratch FilmedFlorence, or Florence in Italian, is a stunning city that has served as a setting for countless Movies over the years. The city's rich history, delicious cuisine, and stunning architecture make it a sensory delight. In the pilot episode, we see a jet land and then Tembi leaves an office building with a suitcase in one hand and the famous Franciscan church of Santa Croce in the background, where Michelangelo and Galileo are buried.
It's important to note that Piazza Santa Croce isn't the only beautiful square in Florence. Piazza del Carmine, Piazza Santo Spirito, Piazza di San Pier Maggiore, Piazzale Michelangelo, Piazza Ognissanti, and Piazza del Mercato Nuovo are all included.
The cityscapes also include iconic landmarks like the Duomo (cathedral) and Ponte Vecchio. Yet another memorable sight features up-close views of a copy of Michelangelo's David statue, which is on display at the Accademia Gallery. 'From Scratch' uses a replica of the David statue that was filmed at the Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana e Sesto Fiorentino because the original is much larger and is stored in its own alcove. The replica is propped up against a window.
Amy's bar is located in the old city, and we get multiple images of the surrounding Via Lambertesca and Borgo Santi Apostoli, where she works and lives. A walk down these cobblestone alleys is like taking a time machine back to another era. Lino takes Amy on a scooter tour of Florence, stopping at the Fontana Del Porcellino and the Mercato del Porcellino, an opulent covered market dating back to the 16th century.

U.S.A. / Houston, Texas - Where Was From Scratch Filmed?

where was from scratch filmedWhile we don't get any bird's-eye views of Houston, we do learn that Amy Wheeler's father resides there thanks to a phone call with the rest of her family. The only thing we see set in Texas is a backyard barbecue, so we have no idea where the rest of the show was shot.

Los Angeles

Where Was From Scratch FilmedWith so much of the story taking place in Los Angeles, it seems sense that that is where the majority of the show was shot. The Watts Towers, one of the show's most recognizable locations, are actually off-limits to the public but serve as the setting for Amy's job as an art teacher for children.

Italy's Sicily

where was from scratch filmedThe island of Sicily, where Tembi Locke's husband was born, is one of the most well-known in Europe and the Mediterranean due to its magnificent natural beauty, abundance of water sports, and picturesque fishing villages. You can find this island right off the tip of Italy's "boot" (Italy is a boot-shaped country in the South of Europe) and it's where Europe's greatest volcano, Mount Etna, is found. Locke and her daughter travel to Sicily several times throughout the series.
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