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The "School For Good And Evil Ending Explained": The Dagger

Searching for the School For Good And Evil ending explained? Let's go straight up! Sophie thinks she and Agatha have been dropped off at the wrong schools when they first arrive at school. While Agatha is sent to the School for Good, she is sent to the School for Evil because she has always wanted to be a princess from a fairy tale.
Sophie is given a mission by the School Master (Laurence Fishburne) to find the kiss of real love as proof that she is virtuous. Sophie believes that she can show her goodness by making Tedros (Jamie Flatters), a student at the School for Good, fall in love with her, even though Nevers (students at the School for Evil) and Evers (students at the School for Good), cannot fall in love. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. School For Good And Evil Ending Explained

School For Good And Evil Ending ExplainedWhen Sophie fails to save Tedros and Agatha does it instead, she is judged to have failed the Trial by Tale. As Tedros develops feelings for Agatha, Sophie is haunted by the ghost of Rafal (Kit Young), the infamous brother of the late School Master. He tells her that Agatha is the antithesis of everything she stands for. At the Evers Ball, Sophie gives in to her darker nature and schemes to have the Evers attack the Nevers. The Nevers and the Evers switch allegiances, and the school is thrown into disarray.
Sophie has no idea that the School Master is her evil twin brother Rafal. The School Master, pretending to be the good brother Rhian, has been upsetting the natural order of things to establish his dictatorship over the planet. The true love kiss between Sophie and Rafal causes havoc at both schools since Rafal wants to create his own "never after" world. Sophie gives her life to protect Agatha from Rafal, who is about to stab her. Finally, Agatha knocks Rafal out with a knockout strike.
Sophie passes away, but thanks to Agatha's passionate kiss, she is magically resurrected (hi Frozen). Despite Tedros's pleading for Agatha to stay with him, Sophie and Agatha return to Gavaldon, and the two schools can reconcile their differences and coexist for the first time in history. You know the ending, right? However, that's not quite the case. Sophie and Agatha have returned to their normal lives, but in the closing moment, we watch Tedros's arrow tear through the barrier between our world and the next. He says, "I need you, Agatha," and then a dagger appears from nowhere to sever the arrow in two.

#2. Whose Dagger Was That?

School For Good And Evil Ending ExplainedTwo questions remain unanswered: whose dagger is it, and why does Tedros need Agatha? The Storian (spoken by Cate Blanchett) states, "This was merely the beginning." It's easy to figure out which dagger it is because we see it being used by the School Master earlier in the film. It appeared that Agatha's fatal blow had killed him, but since this is a fantasy realm, everything is possible.
Tedros's yearning for Agatha may stem from nothing more complicated than his want to be back with the woman he loves. A more sinister explanation may lie beneath the surface if the film adaptations stay true to the source material. To explain, we'll have to discuss plot points from the second book, so if you'd rather not know anything about it, you may want to look away now.
Though the first film's ending was different from the book's, Sophie and Agatha ended up back in Gavaldon after defeating the School Master. Despite appearances, not everything is rosy in the land of fairytales, as the second book, A World Without Princes, exposes. Sophie and Agatha return to the school only to learn that it has been split in two, with the former School for Good now known as the School for Girls. A mysterious power drove all the guys out of the School for Good, so now they're all housed in the School for Evil.


Agatha's budding romance with Tedros and her friendship with Sophie are questioned multiple times during the novel. The new dean of the School for Girls, Evelyn Sader, confesses that Sophie's desire to resurrect her dead mother is what brought the girls back to the school, and this brings out Sophie's darker side. Sophie believes she is kissing her mother when Evelyn conjures her spirit, but it is the School Master. Based on what we learned in the first film/book, Sophie decides to remain at the school, where the School Master is the only person who hasn't abandoned her in the hopes that he will give her the kiss that will bring her back from the dead.
Meanwhile, Sophie and the School Master merge the two evil academies into a single School for Evil and send Agatha back to Gavaldon. The twist on the traditional gloomy cliffhanger leaves the reader anticipating the trilogy's conclusion in The Last Ever After. If there is a sequel, it may or may not continue the story from the second book. Nonetheless, if the lads are being sent to the School for Evil, like in the book, Tedros may be begging Agatha for assistance.

#3. Conclusion

Source: School For Good And Evil
The School Master may be the unseen entity, working to influence his schools from beyond the dead. It would also explain why the dagger reappears at the end of the first film, suggesting that the villain Rafal will make a return appearance. For now, we can only speculate; if you're eager to find out what happens, you should probably watch The School for Good and Evil again to ensure it's successful enough to warrant a follow-up.
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