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  1. #1. Exactly Who Was Beverly Lynn Smith?
  2. #2. Any Updated Thing About The Unsolved Mystery Of Beverly?

The Unsolved Mystery Of Beverly: Any Updated Thing?

Searching for updated information about The Unsolved Mystery of Beverly? The tragedy of Beverly Lynn Smith, a 22-year-old mother whose murder in Oshawa, Ontario, has never been solved, is told in The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith.
This Amazon exclusive documentary series, directed by Nathalie Bibeau (The Walrus, Whistleblower), investigates her sad murder further in an attempt to learn the truth about what took place. What happened to Beverly Lynn Smith and the search for her killer are detailed here. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. Exactly Who Was Beverly Lynn Smith?

The Unsolved Mystery Of Beverly Source: Unsolved Mysteries
The murder of Beverly Lynn Smith has gone unsolved for 40 years. Raglan, Oshawa, Canada was home to Beverly Lynn Smith, a young mother, and wife who resided in a primitive farmhouse. Smith and her husband Doug had been married for four years, and they had a daughter named Rebecca, who was ten months old. Smith, her twin sister Barbra, and their other sisters Wendy and Susan were regulars in the neighborhood.
When she stopped answering her husband's calls, a neighbor went to check on her and found her dead on the kitchen floor. Her child was seen soundly dozing in her cradle, uninjured.

When & How Did She Perish?

The Unsolved Mystery Of BeverlyA single gunshot wound to the back of Smith's head was the cause of his discovery. No firearm was located, but investigators believe a point 22 calibre gun was used to shoot her. Since the killer had not taken anything or damaged the property, the crime was not investigated as a robbery. The police could not determine a motive, and the investigation eventually went cold.

#2. Any Updated Thing About The Unsolved Mystery Of Beverly?

The Unsolved Mystery Of BeverlyIt has been over a decade after Smith's death, and the case has not been closed. Following a tip in 2007, investigators focused on her next-door neighbor Alan Smith (no related). Even though he was finally apprehended in 2008, over three decades after the fact, the charges against him were ultimately dropped due to insufficient evidence. After another sting operation by Durham police in 2014, he was detained again.
Due to the circumstances of his arrest, he was eventually exonerated at trial. Smith has consistently denied any involvement in the crime.

The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith: Why Do We Still Care?

The Unsolved Mystery Of BeverlyThe series revisits a murder that occurred forty years ago and delves into the complex sting operation that led to the arrest of key suspect Alan Smith. The four-part series include interviews with her daughter Rebecca, who was a baby when her mother was murdered, as well as other family members and forensic experts. Amazon Prime subscribers may now see all four episodes of the documentary series.
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