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  1. #1. Connecting the Dots: Cregan Stark to the "Game of Thrones" Starks
  2. #2. Exactly how old is Cregan Stark House Of The Dragon?

All About 'Cregan Stark House Of The Dragon'

Searching about Cregan Stark House of the Dragon? Here we go! By the end of season 2 of House of the Dragon, Jacaerys Velaryon will have met with Lord Cregan Stark in Winterfell, marking the official arrival of House Stark. When compared to Game of Thrones, the ruling family of the North in House of the Dragon has been, well, a stark contrast.
Despite the Stark family's central role in Game of Thrones and their (often bad) fortunes, they play a minor role in the prequel. Several decades have passed, and now House Stark is prepared to make a greater impact. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. Connecting the Dots: Cregan Stark to the "Game of Thrones" Starks

Cregan Stark Game of thrones Source: Reddit
The final episode of House of the Dragon season 1 established that Jacaerys would travel to Winterfell to speak with Lord Cregan Stark. After his father, Rickon, passed away in 121 AC, his son, Cregan, took over as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. To get to where he is in House of the Dragon season 1, episode 10, Cregan has to throw his uncle Bernard in jail. Bernard governed while Cregan was young and refused to give up power. Cregan Stark, whose family has sworn allegiance to Rhaenyra, will soon become a major player in the drama unfolding at King's Landing.
While the Starks may be making an appearance, they are still much removed from the Starks saw in Game of Thrones. The events of Game of Thrones take place at least 35–40 years after the current timeline of House of the Dragon, which is set in the early 130s; Ned Stark is not born until 263 AC. The Stark family in Game of Thrones can be traced back to Ned's great-great-great-grandfather Cregan and his third wife Cynara.

#2. Exactly how old is Cregan Stark House Of The Dragon?

Cregan Stark Game of thronesCregan Stark is closer to Jace's age than Rhaenyra's, startling yet accurate. Following the timeline presented in the novel, Rhaenyra was born in 97 AC, Cregan in 108 AC, and Jace in 114 AC. While the events shown in Episode 10 of House of the Dragon have been altered and postponed to set the story in about 133 AC, these adjustments and delays have been made to accommodate the story's fantasy elements. In the penultimate episode of House of the Dragon season 1, Cregan is 25 years old, at the absolute oldest (though may be aged down), with Jace seemingly in his late teens and Rhaenyra in her mid-30s.

Just How Potent Is Cregan Stark House Of The Dragon, anyway?

Cregan Stark Game of thronesCregan Stark wields immense authority as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, presiding over the biggest kingdom in all of Westeros with access to numerous noble families and a network of powerful friends. As a result, he has high esteem and a solid political position, qualities that help him gather a large force for a march south throughout the conflict. Even Aemon the Dragonknight admits that he was one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Westeros and that he was terrifying to face (a legendary knight of the Kingsguard, said to be the noblest in history). Cregan is a huge asset to any side he chooses to join.

Is Cregan on Rhaenyra's side? He and Jace have made a pact of ice and fire.

Cregan Stark Game of thronesRhaenyra will be joined at the Dance of the Dragons by Cregan Stark. Cregan breaking the pledge given by his father would shock everyone, as the North remembers, and the Starks especially, are known for the honor. There is a price to pay for his loyalty, though, as he and Jace form a pact of friendship known as the Pact of Ice and Fire. In exchange for the North's backing, Jacaerys has promised to wed his eldest son, Rickon, to Cregan's firstborn daughter, should he has a daughter.
However, the more sensational Testimony of Mushroom alleges that Jace himself married Cregan's bastard sister, Sara Snow, after being compelled to do so by her after they had sex (this is highly improbable, of course, but House of the Dragon may decide otherwise). Even though the Pact was never fully repaid due to Jace's death on the battlefield during the civil war, the Stark family remained loyal to the blacks and, subsequently, Rhaenyra's eldest surviving son, who would become King Aegon III.
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