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  1. #1. The Cause of Lucerys Velaryon's Death: A Study in Flame and Gore
  2. #2. Lucerys Velaryon Death Is Different To Book Version!

Lucerys Velaryon Death Is Different To Book Version!

Do you know how different Lucerys Velaryon Death is in the book and the movie version? Many viewers of House of the Dragon were probably shocked to learn about Lucerys Velaryon's untimely demise. Many other fans, who have either read the novels or been exposed to spoilers online, were aware of when Lucerys Velaryon met his end. Even yet, the vast majority probably are unaware of how George R. R. Martin wrote Lucerys Velaryon's demise into the book Fire & Blood.
Numerous elements from the books have been faithfully recreated in House of the Dragon, although many details have been changed for the television adaptation. The death of Vaemond Velaryon, for instance, is significantly more tragic in the book. Regarding dissimilarities, the book has Aemond Targaryen lose his right eye, whereas, in House of the Dragon, Lucerys Velaryon chops out Aemond's left eye. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. The Cause of Lucerys Velaryon's Death: A Study in Flame and Gore

Lucerys Velaryon Death Source: HBO
Luke's trip to Storm's End starts as a relatively safe diplomatic operation but ends tragically. Upon arriving at Storm's End, Lucerys Velaryon discovers that his cousin Aemond is already there, haggling with Borros. By insisting to his cousin that he is only there in his diplomatic capacity and not to pick a fight, Luke attempts to avoid being drawn into the quarrel he has been there to resolve. Borros Baratheon's intervention prevented a physical altercation between Lucerys and Aemond.
Arrax had trouble staying aloft as Aemond ascended Vhagar in hot pursuit of Luke. Arrax could have outrun Vhagar because he was younger and faster. The storm made things difficult for him, and Vhagar had five to one size advantage. The two dragons smashed into each other high above Shipbreaker Bay. According to Archmaester Gyldayn, the battle, if it had occurred, would not have lasted very long.

#2. Lucerys Velaryon Death Is Different To Book Version!

Lucerys Velaryon DeathAs previously indicated, Aemond had a much larger villainous role than was depicted in House of the Dragon, going so far as to try to steal Luke's letter. In contrast to Episode 10, he pursued Luke to Vhagar with the intent of harming him. As shown in "House of the Dragon," Vhagar disobeys Aemond and takes the lives of Arrax and Luke.
Aemond's innocence in Lucerys's death is established. As seen in their previous work with Alicent Hightower, House of the Dragon can keep its audience invested in both sides of the conflict. They proved Alicent's suspicions that Viserys favored Aegon for the throne. In Fire & Blood, however, she listens to her father, Otto Hightower, to some extent and crowns Aegon king to expand his power and influence over the seven kingdoms.

Why Rhaenyra Reacted Distinctly to the News of His Death

Lucerys Velaryon DeathArrax was wounded after witnessing the dragons dance, and he eventually fell into the water, where he was swept away by the raging waves. His head and neck washed up on the coast three days later, hidden among the rocks at Storm's End. Also washed up on the coast was the body of Prince Lucerys Velaryon.
Queen Rhaenyra fainted during a conference at Dragonstone after hearing about Luke's death, and his younger brother Joffrey swore dreadful vengeance against Prince Aemond and Lord Borros. While the dark council discussed how to respond, a raven took off from Harrenhal.
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