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  1. #1. What Dragon Was Daemon Singing To In Episode 10?

What Dragon Was Daemon Singing To In Episode 10?

Curious about What dragon was Daemon singing to in episode 10? Here we go! In episode 10 of House of the Dragon, a war is brewing, but the real power lies in the dragons that fly above the battlefield. Daemon is, of course, all over this, but the season one finale contains a scene that may confuse even the most devoted fans.
Counting the number of dragons under each side's control is a major plot point in the season one finale of House of the Dragon, which makes sense given the show's title. This is the kind of briefing the president of a modern, non-fantasy story would have in the war room regarding the other side's nuclear capacity. Here we see Daemon (Matt Smith) reminding Rhaenyra (Emma D'Arcy) of the power at their disposal and the firepower they could flex if potential friends require convincing to join their side in the approaching conflict. As a last resort, you must travel to gather more dragons. If you want to catch up with more movie news, access these best websites.

#1. What Dragon Was Daemon Singing To In Episode 10?

What Dragon Was Daemon Singing To Source: HBO
"The Black Queen" leads Daemon into a cave, lit only by a torch (no doubt to some chagrin by Thrones fans who haven't previously seen their TV settings), singing a song in High Valyrian that is almost certainly a show invention, after the two eldest Velaryon lads have gone out to woo allies. A guttural, almost alien snarl can be heard from in front of him as he kneels gingerly and sets the torch on the ground. Then it becomes clear that his audience is a giant dragon, which response to his singing with a massive fireball.
Daemon made a point of remembering every Black dragon in the earlier war council scene. He estimates that the Blacks control or have access to 13 dragons, whereas the Greens only have access to 3 adults and an additional "score of eggs incubating" (plus a baby). Despite Rhaenyra's protests that none of their dragons have ever seen battle, he maintains that they have already won the numbers game if they can just track down the riders.
After all, Daemon's daughter Baela and Rhaenyra's offspring both own dragons (Bethany Antonia). There are seven adult dragons between Daemon, Rhaenyra, and Rhaenys. After that, he reveals some intriguing information about the "neutral" dragons (dragons without riders) at play: "Seasmoke still remains on Driftmark, Vermithor and Silverwing dwell on Dragonmont, [...] then there are the three wild dragons, all of whom nest here."

Is This Vermithor? What Dragon Was Daemon Singing To

It's possible that the wild dragon Daemon seeks out is the one he sees. However, considering the size of that dragon and the reaction to his singing, it's more likely that this is Vermithor, King Jaehaerys' dragon. (Daemon says that Silverwing is curled up with Vermithor; Silverwing is the dragon belonging to Jaehaerys' bride; true love does exist.) In the book, he is depicted as a bronze dragon with "huge tan wings," meaning he was already rather enormous when Jaehaerys was allowed to become his rider. He would be around a century old by the time we meet him at the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons.
Episode 10 shows that winning a battle takes more than just numbers. Vhagar, the oldest and largest dragon in the world, has already killed one dragon and one dragon rider for Team Black before Daemon returns from Dragonmont. It's a bummer, but if the dragons want to compete with the Greens' chonky gal in Season 2, they'll need Vermithor and the rest of the fleet.
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