5 Nicest Marvel Actors And The Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Who is the friendliest celebrity from the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Marvel does not only represent the best superhero movies but also the most caring actors who do so much for their fans and others. In this post, let’s find out the nicest Marvel actors. 

#1. Paul Rudd Facetimed An Unlucky Kid And Sent Him A Signed Ant-Man Helmet 

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Brody Ridder was a senior student. Unfortunately, his classmates refused to sign his yearbook. His mother, Cassandra Cooper, shared this experience of her son on Facebook in order to raise awareness of demanding other parents to “teach your kids kindness”. The story went viral and reached out to the actor of Ant-Man. He surprised the kid, his mom and the entire Internet users by sending him a touching letter to encourage him by saying “There are so many people that love you and think you’re the coolest kid!”. He also Facetimed Ridder and sent him a signed Ant-Man gift to lift his spirit. 

#2. Chris Hemsworth Is Expectedly One Of The Nicest Actors In The World 

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The starring actor of Thor is already known for his kindness. He frequently visits sick kids at hospitals and donates to many foundations such as Baby2Baby, Hollywood Charity Horse Show, J/P Haitian Relief Organization. During the pandemic, he also helps a medical clinic in Armidale with their medical equipment. On The Ellen Show, Hemsworth actually paid a visit to a hardworking fan to give her a massage, a nice chat and some tequila shots! He's definitely the best Marvel actor ever!

#3. Robert Downey Jr. Actually Saved An Elderly’s Life 

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Robert Downey Jr. is not only an amazing superhero actor but also a charity activist and donator. He participates in several foundations, helping children and patients in hospitals. A few years ago, an Internet user shared a touching story of him helping to save his grandma’s life. They all attended a garden party for the ACLU of Southern California in the early 90s. His grandma fell out and hit another’s wheelchair and the actor of Iron Man was actually the one who came first to help her. He asked other attendees to call for the ambulance and help her to hold the bleeding. 

#4. Michael B. Jordan When He Said He Joined OnlyFans For Charity 

Source: Men's Health

Even though Michael did not act as a superhero in his movie Black Panther, he's actually a superhero in real life. During the pandemic, Michael said that he would join OnlyFans in order to fund a barber school to help people who were impacted by coronavirus. It is one of his honorable acts to support the vulnerable.

#5. Chadwick Boseman Spent The Last Years Of His Life For Charity 

Source: YouTube

The late star of Black Panther was also a cancer fighter, and he spent the last years of his life supporting cancer fighters all around the world. Moreover, he was also one of the most vocal Black actors who fought for their equality and fair treatment in Hollywood. He was also among the most beloved Marvel stars toward his fans. 
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