7 Global Celebrities With OnlyFans Accounts That You Might Not Know

OnlyFans has become popularized recently for being a paid platform. Which means each account would charge you an amount of money for monthly subscription. Despite the fact that it is mostly used to post explicit content, many celebrities with OnlyFans accounts have established a new way to communicate and interact with their fans. 

#1. Cardi B 

Source: Allure

Cardi used to be a stripper before rising to stardom. However, now she no longer has to do the old job to make a living. Her account is purely, exactly for fans who would like to get to know more about her daily life. She posts random stuff such as cooking videos and live streams. Many fans adore seeing her doing her daily stuff on this social network.

#2. Bella Thorne 

Source: Deadline

Bella Thorn is known for being one of the most controversial Disney ex-acts for her public image. The 1997-born actress/singer was the fastest creator to earn $2 million in just two weeks. Now, her account is free to subscribe and she only posts SFW content. She once had to apologize to the sex workers for having being a “scam” on their workplace. 

#3. Tyga  


Tyga used to be in the top 4 highest earners from the platform, one of the most successful celebrities with OnlyFans so far. However, the rapper deleted his account last year and moved to his all platform called Myystar. This happened when this social platform announced that they would have not allowed explicit content from the creators. 

#4. Amber Rose 

celebrities with OnlyFans4565Source: The Cut

The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West may also be found on this social media. She charges $5 for a monthly subscription and uploads “EVERYTHING” as she claimed. However, she is not really seen on it that frequently. 

#5. Austin Mahone 

celebrities with OnlyFans 24556Source: Wonderland Mag

Austin Mahone used to be a well-known teenage celebrity during the early 2010s as he covered several songs and released his own works as well. The singer/songwriter created his account in October 2022 and is still active up to today. His account, seemingly, does not contain NSFW photos and videos. The 1996-born artist mostly posts photos of him in underwear. 

#6. Chris Brown 

celebrities with OnlyFans 345654Source: TMZ

The world famous R&B singer started his account around November 2020 and offered a subscription of $20. However, he has stopped his account. Probably that he did not feel like continuing to run his account. Also, there were no obscene photos and videos either.

#7. DJ Khaled And Fat Joe 

celebrities with OnlyFans 645546Source: OF

These two celebrities teamed up for a joint account of the platform. Yet they made it clear that the account would include a basketball rematch. They want to focus on basketball and spread the positivity of sports and outdoor activity. Their account is free to subscribe. This, so far, is the most educational, meaningful and energetic account from celebrities with OnlyFans. 
It could be used for any purpose, as long as the creator finds it useful to connect with more people, with their fans. It’s not only about the backside or chest or something similar. 
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