9 Most Bizarre Contract Demands From Favorite Stars

Many performers are well-known not just for their acting abilities but also for their diva-like demands. It wouldn't be Gary Busey if he'd never asked for the mirrors on the set to be taken down so it would appear "more like heaven." However, famous people often use their status to negotiate outrageous contracts and pay packages. For instance, you might not be aware that you have the option of having an entire apartment building constructed specifically for you on set. However, if you're a famous person, you can.
That's one example of the many outrageous clauses in actors' contracts. If they want, celebrities can even demand extra work-related perks, such as extensive creative veto power. Let's be honest, though; most of the time, they only care about having a million-dollar dressing room.
To believe them, you must see the outrageous demands made in actor contracts. If, for whatever reason, you've ever been curious about the fine print of an actor's bizarre contract demands, then feel free to scroll through the following quirks. Both your funny bone and your sense of shock will be tickled.

1. Tom Cruise

bizarre contract demands, Tom CruiseSource: Getty Images

Apparently, on every set Tom Cruise visits, he expects to find a box of 50 handmade thongs waiting for him. An anonymous source claims that Cruise wears "G-strings made of soft, stretchy material during dangerous stunt work."

2. Uma Thurman

bizarre contract demands, Uma ThurmanSource: Getty Images

In her contract for Eloise in Paris, Uma Thurman had the option to override any creative choices made by the film's director or her co-stars. She also asked to have three cell phones at her disposal.

3. George Clooney

bizarre contract demands, George ClooneySource: Getty Images

George Clooney, we understand it. You have the requirements of a Hollywood star. To keep from becoming bored when filming Gravity in Surrey, England, you reportedly had a mansion and basketball court built for yourself while your Out of Sight co-star Jennifer Lopez demanded all-white dressing rooms. No one even paid attention to you!

4. Paris Hilton

bizarre contract demands, Paris HiltonSource: Getty Images

Paris Hilton had a special request during her single day of filming for The Other Guys. Apparently, the heiress wanted an endless supply of live lobsters and a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

5. Will Smith

bizarre contract demands, Will SmithSource: Getty Images

While filming Men in Black 3 in New York City, Will Smith requested a second trailer be brought to the site so that he could have room for his exercise equipment. After several complaints from neighboring Soho residents, he was forced to relocate his $2 million trailer to an adjacent parking lot.

6. Eddie Murphy

bizarre contract demands, Eddie MurphySource: Getty Images

Every morning before filming, Eddie Murphy reportedly asks for brand-new underpants and socks. One possible explanation is that Oscar nominees just do not have the time to do their own laundry.

7. Will Ferrell

bizarre contract demands, Will FerrellSource: Getty Images

Among the props included as part of Will Ferrell's Semi-Pro deal were "one set of stairs (about 6' high) on wheels," "one fake tree (roughly 15'-20' tall)," and "one rainbow (may be painted on canvas) on wheels." When he went on stage, he asked if he could bring a scooter.

8. Lindsay Lohan

bizarre contract demands, Lindsay LohanSource: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan was paid only $100 a day to appear in The Canyons and was required to record a sex scene involving four people before she agreed to do so. She consented to the scene without hesitation, but when the big moment arrived, she insisted that the entire cast and crew get naked with her.
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