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The Real "Dear Reader Taylor Swift Meaning": Her Family

Searching for Dear Reader Taylor Swift meaning? Here we go! To say that "Midnights" is Swift's most introspective album would be an understatement. As the singer tweeted back in August, "the stories of 13 sleepless nights spread throughout my life" would be chronicled on the album. Whether or not the album was about her own life, she kept the promotional campaign lighthearted by developing a TikTok series that teased the contents of each song.
But the "3 am" songs can't make the same claim. Quite the opposite, since the tracks were published as a surprise in the wee hours of the morning before fans had a chance to speculate about what might be coming. But it doesn't mean the new tunes lack intimacy. It's true that "Dear Reader" is one of Swift's most introspective single releases. You may find ways to get the PRESALE CODE for her upcoming concert.

#1. Dear Reader Taylor Swift Meaning

Dear Reader Taylor Swift Meaning Source: Getty Images
As the name suggests, "Dear Reader" is a tribute to advise columns. Therefore, numerous pieces of advice about taking care of oneself are sprinkled throughout the song. However, they aren't the standard "agony aunt" cliches. They're close to Taylor Swift's heart. You may also want to know the Would've Could've Should've lyrics meaning.
In the final lines of the first verse, Swift drops the first hints that her struggles are being documented in "Dear Reader": "Dear reader ... if you don't recognize yourself / That means you did it right." With the line "The old Taylor can't come to the phone... because she's dead," Swift famously announced her 2017 reinvention in "Look What You Made Me Do." In contrast, the lighthearted nature of 2017's smash song, "Dear Reader," adopts a more somber tone.
There's a beeping of a life support system in the background at one point in the song, implying that the reinvention was more crucial to her than we realized. But is there any other way to tell that this is a deeply private matter? Swift warns that her advice shouldn't be taken as gospel. Swift urges, "You should find another guiding light," adding to the song's chorus, "Never accept counsel from someone who's breaking apart." Here is the real meaning of "Vigilante S**t" lyrics meaning.

#2. Dear Reader's Lyrics

Dear Reader Taylor Swift Meaning Source: Getty Images
[Verse 1]Dear reader, if it feels like a trapYou're already in oneDear reader, get out your mapPick somewhere and just runDear reader, burn all the filesDesert all your past livesAnd if you don't recognize yourselfThat means you did it right
[Chorus]Never take advice from someone who's falling apartNever take advice from someone who's falling apart (You should find another)
[Verse 2]Dear reader, bend when you canSnap when you have toDear reader, you don't have to answerJust 'cause they asked you(You should find another)Dear reader, the greatest of luxuries is your secretsDear reader, when you aim at the devilMake sure you don't miss
[Chorus]Never take advice from someone who's falling apartNever take advice from someone who's falling apart
[Bridge]So I wander through these nightsI prefer hiding in plain sightMy fourth drink in my handThese desperate prayers of a cursed manSpilling out to you for freeBut darling, darling, pleaseYou wouldn't take my word for it if you knew who was talkingIf you knew where I was walkingTo a house, not a home, all alone 'cause nobody's thereWhere I pace in my pen and my friends found friends who careNo one sees when you lose when you're playing solitaire
[Outro]You should find another guiding light, guiding lightBut I shine so brightYou should find another guiding light, guiding lightBut I shine so brightYou should find another, you should find another (Guiding light)Find another, you should find anotherYou should find another
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