YouTuber Markiplier OnlyFans Is Getting Real: Only Under 2 Conditions

Markiplier OnlyFans is becoming a real deal among the fan community of this popular YouTuber. Reportedly, he is currently one of the most high-earning gaming streamers/YouTubers. What made him go to this controversial platform? 

#1. Celebrities And OnlyFans 

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It is quite common now that many celebrities become OnlyFans creators. Many famous people including Cardi B, Chris Brown, Bella Thorne and many more are active on this platform. However, to be exact, OnlyFans does not only contain obscene contents but also normal, SFW contents. The only difference is it requires a paid subscription every month. Therefore, many celebrities have found it as a means to interact with their fans to get closer to them. 

#2. Is It True That Markiplier Joins OnlyFans? 

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Yes, probably. In his latest video on his YouTube channel, the widely-known YouTuber stated that he acknowledged the wills of his fans and he would probably create an OnlyFans account. The video titled "I will start an OnlyFans" has caught a lot of attention for his bold moves and real touching story behind. Previously, he released a calendar, Tasteful Nudes, for charity purposes. Significantly, he signed all of 18 thousand copies to deliver to his fans. Then, he donated all of its profit to a charity foundation, Cancer Research. It was a very generous and mindful gesture of his. 
This time, he is shocking the world by confirming that Markiplier is officially going to OnlyFans. However, it is not easy to get him stripped since there are two tough conditions. Only when do his fans achieve them that he will start his account. 
The first condition is that fans have to get his Distractible podcast to top the Apple and Spotify charts, both of them. Secondly, they also need to get his Go! My Favorite Sports Team shows at the top of the sports podcast charts. When both conditions are met, they will get what they want! 

#3. This Announcement Is Getting A Lot Of Fuss  

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Since Markiplier is already a successful influencer, content creator and even an entrepreneur, obviously he is not considering joining this platform for financial purposes. It is nothing more than a way to get his podcasts more attention and recognition. However, it is a very smart and foxy way to do so because instantly, his video has gone to YouTube’s top trending and his podcasts are jumping incredibly on charts! 
This is what people call thirst trap or thirst bait. The actions of people actually take advantage of somebody’s thirst and desire to get more attention and interactions with their contents. It is quite common especially to attractive people, knowing that they are attractive. Otherwise, there is nothing controversial or critical here. 
The YouTuber is actually a sport rat that enjoys working out and taking photos of his body. As a result, his fans love seeing them beside his streaming and gaming contents. Basically he is creating a reality for people’s fantasy. However, with more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube and millions on other social media, his targets could be reached! You might want to go listen to his podcasts right now. 
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