The Very First Singaporean OnlyFans Creator Going To Jail: How Was Titus Low Arrested?

Titus Low arrested previously will officially be in jail “very, very soon”. He is the very first OnlyFans creator that will be jailed for sharing nudity with photos and videos on this platform which is against the laws of Singapore. This country has been known as one of the most developed countries in the world, yet also one of the most conservative nations about sex and homosexuality. 

#1. His Background 

Source: SCMP

Titus Low Kaide was born on December 20, 1999 in this city-state. He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic, majoring in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management in 2019. He is one of a few popular Singaporean OnlyFans creators for his infamous arrest in December, 2021. It happened only 8 months after he joined the platform in April. However, after the incident, he has focused on other social media such as TikTok and YouTube. His accounts are quite popular with a variety of themes including daily life and comedy. He got engagement to Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin this June.  

#2. Why Is Titus Low Arrested? 

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Low is probably one of the unluckiest OnlyFans creators in the whole world. Titus Low was arrested after a mom found his pictures in her 12-year-old daughter’s phone. Immediately, she reported to the police and they immediately visited his apartment. In October 2021, they visited his place and took his devices including iPad, laptop, cellphones,... to look for evidence. 
He had to go to court several times and was charged with guilt for several reasons. The first one was not to comply with the police order. The second one was transmitting obscene content by electronic means. And there were more charges in this case. In total, Titus Low was fined $3,000 and 3 weeks in jail as the latest sentence by the authorities in October, 2022. 
This is the very first time that the Singaporean government charged someone for creating obscene content on this platform. Titus Low’s case is popular worldwide because the people on the Internet have never imagined that someone could go to jail for doing OnlyFans stuff. 

#3. Will Titus Low Go To Jail? 

Titus Low arrested 43546Source: Stomp

Yes, certainly. But he has not gone to prison yet as he is preparing himself, mentally for this change. In his latest posts and videos on Instagram and YouTube, he has announced that he would execute the judgment in a short period of time and he would like to say farewell to his followers, subscribers, and his “fans”. Otherwise, the Singaporean content creator is more optimistic than ever as he is ready to take whatever comes. He is now willingly to learn from his mistakes and looking forward to a bright future. It is only a phase of life and not the end of the world after all. Titus Low is happy that the case closed. 
This case has warned other Singaporean OnlyFans creators and also creators in strict countries. You should prepare yourself with knowledge about the laws and regulations of your country/state in case of doing something new. 
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