Who Is The Most Hated Kpop Idol 2022? Only The Last Name Is Reasonable

The K-pop industry is full of positivity such as meaningful songs, gorgeous outfits and makeup layouts, great dances. However, there is one problem that every Entertainment industry in the world has to face: haters or anti-fans. Especially in K-pop, anti-fans sometimes might wipe out someone’s career or even life. In this post, let’s find out the most hated Kpop idol list. 

#1. Jennie From Blackpink 

Source: YG Ent

Jennie used to be the target for cyberbullying, especially when she was rising to stardom in 2019. During that time, there were so many controversies about her attitude, dating scandal with Kai from EXO, and her laziness while performing. Jennie had to deal with several hate comments from Korean and international netizens. Moreover, the hate comments also came from fans of other members within her group. They blamed her for being treated better than other members. 

#2. BTS Members 

Source: HYBE

Despite being one of the most popular Korean idol groups, the members from BTS all have to deal with racism, colorism, cyberbullying and body-shaming. In their early days, they used to be ignored by Korean media for coming from a small, unknown company. Now that they are the most popular yet still called out for bad singing, bad looks or their furious fans. 

#3. Aespa Members 

Source: SM Ent

Aespa is the latest Metaverse girl group from SM Entertainment, one of the biggest agencies in Korea. Before making their debut, the quartet had to face several hatred on social media for false rumors, fake news and unreasonable claims. However, as time goes by, they have proved their talents and personalities. 

#4. Yeri From Red Velvet 

Source: Vogue Korea

Despite being in one of the most popular girl groups in Korea, Yeri is facing hate comments everyday from Korean netizens. Whatever she does, people are getting mad at her for no reason. However, she manages to overcome all these hardships for being careless and living her life. 

#5. T.O.P and G-Dragon From Big Bang 

Source: YG Ent

Big Bang used to dominate the genre of hip hop in K-pop for so many years. At the same time, these two members were involved in several controversies, especially related-to-drug ones. Since then, their images and their legacies were seen differently. On top of that, they remain as the top boy group in Korea. 

#6. Chaeryoung from Itzy 

Source: JYP Ent

Chaeryoung is one of the youngest members yet she is the most hated Kpop idol in the group. There is no other reason than people claim that she looks “different” from other members which means less pretty and less attractive. Being an idol is not just about looks, considering that she’s a very talented dancer and beautiful in her own way. 

#7. Seungri (ex-Big Bang member) 

Source: NAVER

Seungri is the one that rules over this list. He was in one of the most successful groups but seemingly, he could not control his fame and fortune. Seungri was charged with several guilts such as prostitution services, embezzlement, and sexual misconduct. His scandals were also involved with his label, YG Entertainment, and its founder Yang Hyuk-suk, being the biggest scandal in K-pop history. Hopefully he will reflect after spending time in prison. He is probably the most most hated Kpop idol in the world currently.
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