Aespa: The Metaverse Girl Group That Leads The Next Generation

When it comes to Metaverse, there are many praises, criticisms and also controversies. However, this Korean girl group from SM Entertainment has shown a different side of the Virtual world with their music and story. Let’s find out more about this iconic girl group in this article. 

#1. Aespa Is Created By The Father Of K-Pop 

Source: SM Ent

K-Pop has been globalized and popularized more than ever within its 27-year history. And this genre would not be where it was today if it were not because of Lee Soo Man - the Father of K-Pop. He formed and produced the very first standard K-pop group H.O.T. in 1995. Immediately, they earned incredible success and dominated the music scene of Korea. Later, several acts of SM Entertainment such as BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, EXO also contributed to the globalization of K-pop as they successfully promoted in Japan, China and Western countries.
Aespa made their debut in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic as the latest group from this production house. They were introduced not only as a normal K-pop group but also a Metaverse group consisting of 4 members and 4 virtual members (which are called aes, the virtual variants of 4 real members). The concepts of KWANGYA and SMCU - the virtual world of SM Culture Universe also excited K-pop fans. 
Immediately, the 4-member girl group earned enormous success, being the most successful girl group in 2021, surpassing their seniors such as ITZY and TWICE and marked their name to the music scene worldwide. 

#2. Aespa And Metaverse Platforms In Their Music 

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Being under the biggest agency with Korea’s Big 3 entertainment groups, it’s not surprising when aespa music is very well-produced with musicality and concepts. The 4 members Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning pursue Hyperpop, a not-so-common genre within the K-pop industry. The music videos are also not basic with gorgeous looks and dances but with significant storylines. At the first phase of their music from the debut single Black Mamba to the latest title track Girls, the girls and their avatars were fighting an evil called Black Mamba in their virtual world. This has become the signature of their sounds and visuals. The next chapter is highly anticipated as we are all curious what will happen next. 

#3. They Have Stepped Out Of The Safe Zone With Their Metaverse Concept 

metaverse  4545Source: SM Ent

After the booming of K-pop within the pandemic, there are so many similar groups with similar sounds and images. Aespa, on the other hand, is creating their own world with their unique concept and development. However, the idea would not be complete without the girls’ notable talents. They are one of a few girl groups with the best vocalists, rappers and dancers. Thanks to them, their music is beautifully demonstrated. Aespa is now aiming to gain more success in music and also, fashion. Previously, the girls charted No.3 on the Billboard 200, being the highest-charting new female artists of K-pop. They are also the brand ambassadors for the legendary fashion house Givenchy. 
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