22 Funny Advertising Fails That People've Spotted In The Wild

Advertising is a powerful tool that can help businesses attract customers, inform them about their products and build customer trust. When it comes to hiring designers, companies should choose wisely unless they want their advertising posters and campaigns to cause a negative impression on their customers or put them in embarrassing situations. Take the businesses below for example. They became a laughing stock when their advertisement hilariously went wrong. Scroll down to check out funny advertising fails shared by people around the world. They are so bad that they will make you laugh out loud.
These businesses, some of which are even big and famous, made a terrible decision in terms of hiring amateur designers. Despite the fact that they successfully attracted thousands or even customers, they totally destroyed their image in their customers' eyes.

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#1. Looks like Stanford needs some basic math lessons

Source: cssutavani91

#2. It almost seems intentional

Source: Palifaith

#3. Actually, on second thought, I’m not so hungry

Source: Quillford

#4. I was having a good day until I went to the supermarket

Source: -The-Goat

#5. Gentlemen

Source: yoziphek

#6. Cover of French Newspaper Libération

Source: Largue

#7. Advertising plus-size leggings with a small model in one leg instead of getting a plus-sized model

Source: dhealey989

#8. This really odd advertisement for transit around my city (Where did the bus driver come from?!?!)

Source: LoveGhostDotEXE

#9. This is a photo on amazon advertising the lava lamp

Source: [deleted]

#10. This fancy way of advertising plus-size jeans

Funny Advertising FailsSource: mateusz_mag

#11. Image to advertise a photo booth

Funny Advertising FailsSource: potato1234_x

#12. This eBay advertisement for a sleep mask photoshopped out her nose and left one nostril

Funny Advertising FailsSource: rosalina888

#13. Crappy advertisement

Funny Advertising FailsSource: munchies127

#14. This advertisement I found in Bulgaria

Funny Advertising FailsSource: deathboxSION

#15. Sandwich board advertising seniors day - unfortunate fastener placement

Funny Advertising FailsSource: bycrackybygum

#16. “How should we advertise these apple sticks?” “Stick em in some corn or somethin”

Funny Advertising FailsSource: OrangeLandi

#17. Headphone adapter advertised on phone that already has a headphone jack

Funny Advertising FailsSource: Codyjames34526

#18. This child on an advertisement in Germany

Funny Advertising FailsSource: FireLord_112

#19. Wonderful advertisement in the Detroit airport

Funny Advertising FailsSource: maxonian04

#20. Is this advertising a speaker or a murder weapon

Funny Advertising FailsSource: [deleted]

#21. "How should we advertise our underwear?" "I dunno, make the model's head super big."

Funny Advertising FailsSource: prettehkitteh

#22. I’m pretty sure there are better ways to advertise cow related products

Funny Advertising FailsSource: Johnnyspyguy

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