Why People Hate James Corden So Much? Here Are The Reasons

Why do people hate James Corden? He is hilarious, funny, very talkative and hosts one of the most popular talks shows on TV. But it got nothing to do with his personality controversies. There is one lesson that celebrities should be aware of: attitude makes everything. And it does not change whether you are a top star or super talented. 

#1. His Most Recent Scandal: Got Banned From A Famous Restaurant In NYC 

Source: Instagram

His abusive behaviors toward the manager and server of Balthazar restaurant in Boho, NYC got himself banned from it. The owner of it, restaurateur Keith McNally made an announcement on his Instagram, stating that he would no longer be welcomed there. However, the famous comedian apologized after and got unbanned now. He might still take his wife to dine there. 

#2. He Could Not Name Two Cameramen In His Late Late Show In 2017

A video from his show in 2017 when Jimmy Kimmel was invited to his show has been brought back recently, after his restaurant incident. Many people are shocked that he could not name any cameraman from his crew even though his image is always being friendly, open and close to people. He tried to save his face by saying “different crew tonight, actually” and reached out for a fish smoothie. There are only a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor claiming that he hardly interacted with the audience, was also rather rude and cold. Many other employees from the show also called him out for his attitude and unprofessionalism. 

#3. His Role In The Prom Offended LGBTQ+ Community 

people hate James Corden 345465Source: Netflix

In this movie, Corden portrayed a gay Boardway actor, Barry Glickman. After premiering, the movie received many backlashes, especially for his role. The critics and audience stated that the character was full of stereotypes about homosexual man and could be the worst gay character ever on screens. People hate James Corden for choosing such a terrible character. 

#4. When He Called BTS’ Army “15-Year-Old Girls”

In fact, he has a close relationship with the Korean boy band as they appeared several times in his show. Furthermore, he also showed his support toward their music and other activities. But on the other hand, the actor called their fans “one of the largest armies on planet Earth” with “15-year-old girls everywhere”. It severely pissed the furious fandom in the world off, obviously.

#5. Corden Cut Off Adele’s Speech At An Award Show 

people hate James Corden 5453Source: CBC

One of James Corden controversies is that he interrupted Adele’s award acceptance speech at the 2012 Brit Awards. The singer of Rolling In The Deep could not say much before the TV host said “I can’t believe I’m about to cut off”. Adele put out her middle finger as an expression. 

#6. The Moment He And Sir. Patrick Stewart Got Into An Argument Right On The Stage 

people hate James Corden 235445Source: The Mirror

James Corden got hate after giving the legendary Paric Stewart some insulting words such as “Can we get a taxi ready, please? The old man (is) going home.” and “We can all see you dying right now”. The atmosphere of the show was so awkward to the point that Zoe Saldaña got to cool it down in her acceptance speech. 
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