Was James Corden Banned From Restaurant Balthazar In NYC? Here's The True Story

James Corden banned from restaurant Balthazar in New York City is the latest controversy about this actor/TV host. The news has caught a lot of attention on the Internet. Let’s reveal the true story right below. 

#1. What’s Wrong With James Corden Restaurant Behavior? 

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The famous host of The Late Late Show with James Corden is the latest celebrity involved in a controversy. However, this is not between him and Army (Korean group BTS’s fandom) or any other celebrity but from a restaurant in NYC. Balthazar is a well-known restaurant located in the SoHo neighborhood from 1997. It is one of the most recommended restaurants in this city for French cuisine. On October 18, 2022, the founder of Balhazar Keith McNally posted on his Instagram account, directing the ban on Corden for being “the most abusive customer”.  
Corden visited the restaurant twice this year, in June and on October 9. Both did not go very well. The first time, he found a hair in his main course and informed the manager. After being apologized to by her, he asked for “another round of drinks” and stated that “This way I write any nasty reviews on Yelp or anything like that” with a nasty speaking tone.
The recent time was even worse. He asked the staff to remake his wife’s brunch because there was some egg white mixed in her egg yolk omelet. The server brought her the new dish, but prepared home fries instead of salad. Then, he started yelling like crazy and scared the manager and the server. Eventually, everything was alright and he and his wife were offered promo Champagne to cool down! 

#2. James Corden Apologized Through A Phone Call And Got Unbanned 

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Everybody makes mistakes. This time, the comedian seems to realize his mistake quite soon as he called restaurateur Keith McNally and apologized for his behavior. At the end of the day, he forgives and will welcome him to his restaurants again! Corden definitely made a great decision since it’s never too late to be sorry for your actions. Significantly, the public and critics are not very fond of him lately. There were several negative comments towards his hosting and performances in his recent works. He also got into a feud with BTS’s Army after calling them “15-year-old girls'”. Immediately, he was their target on Twitter and other platforms as well. 

#3. Being Famous Doesn't Mean You Can Act Any Way You Want 

James Corden banned from restaurant 43656 Balthazar Restaurant

Source: NY Mag

This controversy shows that celebrities should be more careful with their behavior and speech. Kanye West recently just got banned from Instagram and Twitter for his crazy tweets. Ariana Grande in the past was also banned from Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California for…licking unpaid donuts. Celebrities such as singers, actors should manage their images more probably since they are public figures and living off the public’s favor. It’s not easy to be famous and successful and it’s not so hard to be on a downfall. Attitude and common senses do really matter. 
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