10 Celebrities Who Used Their Wealth To Make A Stranger's Day

“The more you give, the more you will receive”, and this is certainly more than true for some celebrities. People love worldwide stars with a heart of gold, and they adore their fans right back. Some choose to spread their love to their admirers through serious video calls, others go out of their way with gifts and kind acts to support their fans. Unplanned or not, these wholesome moments of these celebrities.will make sure to put a smile on our faces, and that’s why we love them so much.
So, let’s brighten up your day and gain back your trust in humanity through these random acts of generosity. Check out 10 celebs who make the world a warmer place by combining their privilege with their wholesomeness.

1. Keanu Reeves

Source: Dave J Hogan—Getty Images for Lionsgate

Let's travel back to 2019 when the internet went crazy with the "John Wick" star and his kind spirit. James Dator shared the touching experience he had with Reeves back when he was just a teenager who worked at a movie theater. The young man wanted to have Keanu Reeves’s autograph but sadly he didn’t have anything on him that Keanu could sign. Keanu didn’t want to let the boy down, so the beloved Hollywood star bought an ice cream just so he could autograph a receipt for his fan.

2. Dwayne Johnson

Source: Universal Television

“Not all heroes wear capes”, and we have to admit that it is true for Dwayne Johnson. The man isn’t just a hero on screen, but also in real life. Dwayne had once promised a struggling, widowed father-of-2 that he would buy all the Christmas presents for his kids. To top it all off, Dwayne and the actor John Krasinski also gave the single dad a grand surprise by making a $5 million donation to a non-profit charity that distributes toys in the name of the single father.

3. Adele

Source: ETNews

Fans were heartbroken upon hearing the news of Adele’s shows for her Las Vegas residency has been canceled. However, the beloved British singer refused to let her fans down. Although she couldn’t meet her admirers face to face, she was still able to make them feel loved through her heartfelt FaceTime chat and used her show's gift shop at Caesar's Palace as a place to give out free souvenirs to ticket holders.

4. Lady Gaga

Source: Los Angeles Times

Your idol buying you pizza is not an everyday story, but it happened to the little monsters, or Lady Gaga’s beloved fans, once. The 36-year-old singer spent $1,000 on a total of 80 cheese pizzas to treat her fans who were waiting for her autograph outside a store. As a cherry on top, she even tipped the pizza place, quote on quote, “very, very well.”

5. Johnny Depp

Source: Pinterest

The worldwide movie star had tipped a waiter $4,000 for a $4,400 bill during one of his parties in one of his favorite Chicago restaurants. Not only that, but he also charmed the waiter with his soft-spoken demeanor and sweet personality. The lucky waiter also added, "when I waited on him, he didn’t like to be too fussed over and was not in any way demanding."

6. Chris Hemsworth

Source: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

The mighty Thor had forgotten his wallet at a restaurant after finishing his meal. Lucky for him, his wallet was found and then turned in by an honest 17-year-old boy, cash and all other contents still intact. The A-list actor was so moved by the boy’s honesty that he decided to gift the money to him, and then some more as the cherry on top.

7. Taylor Swift

Source: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Known as one of the most charitable celebrities, Taylor Swift once donated over $30,000 to a Portuguese student so she could attend her dream university in the U.K. The singer felt inspired by the dedication and passion of the student after she came across the Go Fund Me page of the student, so she showed her support through the mean of donation.

8. Justin Bieber

Source: lastfm

The star randomly came across two of his young fans in an Apple store. He noticed that they were watching his new video and nothing make him feel happier at that moment, so he decided to reward his fans by buying each an iPhone, one pink and one green. To top it all off, he also got a yellow one for himself, high-fived the girls, then told his fans that he loved them.

9. John Cena

Source: Wikipedia

The beloved WWE Superstar flew all the way to the Netherlands to meet Misha Rohozhyn to give his teenage fan WWE merch and a championship belt. Misha has Down syndrome, and he also had to leave his home in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. To cheer the boy up, Cena also stayed and goofed around with his family. "What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday," the Blockers star wrote via Twitter. "Misha and his mother, Liana, define #NeverGiveUp."

10. Zac Efron

Source: Zac Efron's Instagram

The Highschool Musical star once showed his generosity to his fan by buying him a brand new $949.99 iPhone after the fan had dropped his phone. This happened as the admirer was trying to capture a video of the star for social media, so Efron decided why not returned his fan’s love with a new phone. Not only that, but he also invited him to come on set for a proper chat.
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