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10 Movie Clichés That Directors Think Are So Cool, But Viewers Wish They Would Never Be Released

Movies come in all shapes and sizes. Making a movie is not a piece of cake, hundreds of people, including the crew and the cast, have to work hard for months or even a year to complete a movie. Despite the major effort, not all become a blockbuster. No matter what kind of film, assessing whether it is good, bad, or just middle-of-the-road sometimes depends on viewers’ feelings.

Some movies were hits at the time it was released. Yet, as time flies, we feel these plot twists become overdone and boring, or maybe bad scripts worsen an overused storyline. When looking back, we just wonder why we used to be crazy about them.

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#1 From enemies to lovers

Movie ClichésSource: © The Proposal / Touchstone Pictures© The Proposal / Touchstone Pictures

In romantic stories, it is easy to see the character who first hate each other but later fall in love. The purpose is to add some emotional tension. But sometimes the relationship can turn into a disrespectful one that makes viewers annoyed.

#2 Battle jokes

Movie ClichésSource: © Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios

In the heat of battle, viewers see not only strong punches but cracking jokes. Sometimes, we wonder why the characters manage to talk while fighting. Battle jokes often include in Marvel movies and fans are tired of it.

#3 Beating around the bush

Source: © Twilight / Temple Hill Entertainment

Characters seem to make a speech to express their message. First comes the introduction: “Wait, you have to listen to me!” and there is something that prevents them from saying the rest or simply no one wants to listen to them.

#4 Sympathetic villains

Source: © Cruella / Walt Disney Pictures

Sympathetic villains are often chosen to write because of their good effects. Sometimes, viewers prefer them to the protagonist. However, nowadays, sympathetic villains are overdone and their tragic stories ruin their mysterious aura.

#5 Splitting up in horror movies

Movie ClichésSource: © The Cabin in the Woods / Lionsgate

“Let’s split up” often appears in horror movies. The characters make strange decisions like checking basements alone or screaming at the top of their lungs. For these reasons, some viewers take the bad guy’s side.

#6 Interrupted or “shut up” kisses

Source: © The Mummy / Universal Pictures

When their lips are closer to ready for a kiss, suddenly someone and something ruins their smooching plans. There is also this “shut up” kiss – interrupting a person mid-sentence by kissing them.

#7 Jumping to conclusions

Source: © Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Anonymous Content

The phrases “Let me explain!” or “This is not what it looks like!” sound ridiculous. At that time, the confused person doesn’t want to listen. The misunderstanding can be solved in a minute if the characters just say the most important thing.

#8 Invincible main characters

Source: © Wonder Woman / Warner Bros

The main characters seem to be the most powerful ones because they easily survive even the hardest hits while others collapse. Whether or not they have scars or scratches, their hair stays neat and tidy.

#9 Forced romance

Movie ClichésSource: © Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom / Amblin Entertainment© The Last Witch Hunter / Summit Entertainment

Every movie has to have a romantic line in it. Even action movies contain unnecessary romantic details. Forced relationships can make movies themeless and divert attention from the story.

#10 Makeovers and glow-ups

Movie ClichésSource: © The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures© The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures

It is unreasonable when a girl turns into an attractive girl by taking off her glasses and undoing her ponytail. Then she becomes famous and conquers the hearts of the guy.