9 Movie Clichés That Are A Total Bummer In Real Life

Filmmakers always want us to believe that what we see in based on reality. Although some films are based on true events and have unique plots, some cliches are a total bummer in real life. Every year, hundreds of films are released, and some 'themes' can be repeated.
Of course, the filmmakers carefully use cliches, and we rarely examine them; most of the time, we just accept them as fact and tend to ignore them. Life in movies is usually kind of perfect. Even the weirdest or most outrageous situations on TV are always resolved in some way. But we all know that all that happens in a movie in an hour and a half is not true. In fact, reality might be not only flawed but also cruder than any cliché.
Today, we have compiled a list of 9 movie moments that have nothing to do with real life. Scroll down and check them out!

#1 Babies in movies

Source: © The Hangover / Warner Bros. and co-producers, © The Pacifier / The Walt Disney Studios and co-producers, © L! fe Happens / Dot Dot Dot Productions and co-producers, ©

Babies in films are frequently extremely well-behaved. They must be joking, right? Real newborn babies cry over anything.

#2 Digging a hole

Source: © Recess / The Walt Disney Studios and co-producers, ©

It appears to be very simple to dig a hole in a cartoon. The soil slides in quickly, and the challenging work is done in seconds. We're confident that none of this occurs in reality.

#3 Long breaks between classes in high school

Source: © High School Musical / The Walt Disney Company and co-producers, ©

In the movies, high school students take long gaps between lectures and spend their free time having some fun in the classrooms or partying in the hallways. In actuality, ordinary students spend their high school years trying to get to class on time. We don't always get a bathroom break.

#4 Lying on the grass with your sweetheart

Source: © Twilight / Lionsgate and co-producers, ©

With all that nature around, lying on the grass with your sweetheart is probably the most common thing to do in the movies... It may also be incredibly lovely in real life — until the bugs start doing their thing.

#5 Tasty Thanksgiving turkeys

Source: © Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Warner Bros. and co-producers, © Itsyaboibiggyt / Reddit

We could start a whole topic about how delicious Thanksgiving turkeys appear in movies! How about in real life?

#6 The hardcore training scenes

Source: © Rocky / Winkler Films, ©

What about the intense workout scenes, in which characters exercise, eat, and suddenly have flawless bodies? Transformation, in reality, is a lengthy process. There are no quick fixes or background music to motivate you.

#7 Things an archaeologist does every day

Source: © Raiders of the Lost Ark / Paramount Pictures and co-producers, © MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / East News

Not to mention what Hollywood believes an archaeologist does daily...

#8 Throwing a big party at home

Source: © Old School / CBS Paramount Network Television and co-producers, ©

Throwing a big party at home and inviting the entire school sounds like a teen movie cliché. And it is: there will be a lot of dirty dishes and rubbish to pick up.

#9 Wonderful snow

Source: © Let It Snow / Netflix and co-producers, ©

In the movies, doing anything in the snow appears to be great; those scenes of all-white landscapes and joyful people in them are far from reality. Snow is not just chilly, but it also produces runny noses and blurry goggles, and it isn't always fluffy; sometimes it looks more like dirt than snow.
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