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10 Movie Clichés That Directors Believe Are Cool But Viewers Wish That Would Stop Being So Popular

Movie clichés are something that Hollywood has been guilty of using over the years. Those cliches are now so popular that viewers are tired of watching them. Like, the protagonist and antagonist have long and boring conversations before fighting. Without a doubt, there’re a bunch of opportunities for the bad guy beat the good guy and indeed some people wish that happens. Well, we understand this because we may all feel the same.

The thing is the director believes that movie clichés are cool and never misses a chance to add them to their films. The clichés that damage movies now are shared worldwide on the internet, and we bet they’ll still be around in 30 years.

Today, we compile a list of 10 movie clichés that directors think are cool, but viewers never think so. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Splitting up in horror movies

Movie clichésSource: © The Cabin in the Woods / Lionsgate

Without the phrase “let’s split up,” a horror film is not a horror film. To get us to leap out of our chairs, the protagonists should consistently make irrational decisions, search basements alone, and then scream loudly. Side consequences include the possibility that viewers will begin to support the villain.

#2 Interrupted or “shut up” kisses

Movie clichésSource: © The Mummy / Universal Pictures

The characters are set to exude some giddy hormones as their lips inch closer to one another. Suddenly, someone or something derails their preparations to make out. 30 years ago, it could have been hilarious, but not now.

Another type of kiss is the “shut up” kiss, which involves kissing someone in the middle of a statement. Which one is most overused is up to you to determine.

#3 Sympathetic villains

Movie clichésSource: © Cruella / Walt Disney Pictures

Writing sympathetic villains is simpler, and they have a powerful impact. The majority of the time, the audience begins to support them rather than the main character.

Nowadays, the antagonist in practically every film is given a tragic backstory. It’s overdone to have sympathetic villains, and their tragic backstories take away from their mystique. Evil people ought to occasionally just be evil.

#4 Makeovers and glow-ups

Movie clichésSource: © The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures© The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures

An already attractive girl takes the makeover of her life just by taking off her glasses and undoing her ponytail. Then she becomes popular and wins the heart of men she’s had eyes on for so long. We wish it could be that simple.

#5 Battle jokes

Movie clichésSource: © Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios

Making jokes while fighting is more remarkable than using precise movements and powerful strikes. How the characters can communicate while fighting practically to the death is a mystery. Marvel frequently includes fight gags, and even fans are getting tired of it.

#6 Forced romance

Movie clichésSource: © Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom / Amblin Entertainment© The Last Witch Hunter / Summit Entertainment

There appears to be a romantic line in every story. Even action films include some pointless romanticism. Characters don’t always have to marry or have children together; it’s alright for them to remain friends. Forced couplings ruin themes in movies and detract from the plot.

#7 Beating around the bush

Movie clichésSource: © Twilight / Temple Hill Entertainment

Characters never seem to be able to convey their meaning in a single sentence. They must always talk as though they are writing an essay. The introduction comes first: “Wait, you have to pay attention to me!” Then the other portions never come because they can’t finish speaking or because nobody wants to listen to them.

#8 Jumping to conclusions

Movie clichésSource: © Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Anonymous Content

“Let me explain!” These statements are not only meaningless but also highly aggravating. For example, “This is not what it looks like!” If characters would just express the most crucial information first, the misunderstanding could be cleared up in a flash. The blamed party doesn’t want to explain anything again since the puzzled party storms off and doesn’t want to listen.

#9 From enemies to lovers

Movie clichésSource: © The Proposal / Touchstone Pictures© The Proposal / Touchstone Pictures

They initially despise one another before falling in love. Character development and some added emotional intensity are the goals. It might be interesting and humorous if it’s worded well. But if something goes wrong, the bond between the characters may become disrespectful, and they might only speak in caustic one-liners.

#10 Invincible main characters

Movie clichésSource: © Wonder Woman / Warner Bros.

Even the most severe blows are effortlessly avoided by the main protagonists, while everyone else crumbles. Even their hair maintains its perfect appearance, and there are no visible bruises, scrapes, or scars. For some reason, movie makers fail to grasp that it’s more compelling to see a strong, realistic character who is struggling rather than a flawless superhuman.