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  1. #1. Zach Bryan Yellowstone Songs: Things You Didn't Know

Zach Bryan Yellowstone Songs: Things You Didn't Know

Searching for information about Zach Bryan Yellowstone songs? Here we go! Last night, Zach Bryan took his already tight friendship with the critically acclaimed Yellowstone series starring Kevin Costner to the next level. In Episode 7 of the new season, the Oklahoma star appeared as a member of the county fair band and sang three songs.
All three of these songs, "Motorcycle Drive By," "Quittin' Time," and "Summertime Blues," are taken from Bryan's outstanding EP titled Summertime Blues, which was released in 2022. When they shot the new episode earlier this year, Bryan most likely had not yet finished recording the project and was in the middle of doing so.

#1. Zach Bryan Yellowstone Songs: Things You Didn't Know

Zach Bryan Yellowstone Songs Source: Netflix
Fans of the program, who have been accustomed to hearing Bryan's spare, catchy melodies providing a sense of gravitas to important points in the plot, were taken aback by the revelation, which was a pleasant surprise for them.
Whiskey Fever and his mournful rendition of "The Good I'll Do" has appeared in just Season 5 of this show. The songs "Condemned" and "Flying or Crying" by Bryan have featured on the show's soundtrack throughout earlier seasons. However, the Oklahoma songwriter has never appeared live on the show before, a feat that has significantly increased popularity for other performers, such as Whiskey Myers.
After having such a successful year, Bryan doesn't really need this kind of boost, but his performance at Yellowstone will undoubtedly set the stage for the new live album that he's been preparing. At the beginning of the month, he gave a sneak peek at the tracklist for the project, and soon after, he followed this up with a clip from a new Belting Bronco episode that he recorded with his close buddy Charles Wesley Godwin. While all is going on, the dynamic duo is riding in the back of a van and playing their famous murder ballad, "Jamie."


Zach Bryan Yellowstone Songs
Fans are also eagerly awaiting further information regarding Bryan's 2023 studio album, which he previously disclosed will be named Writers and Fighters. In the style that has become synonymous with Zach Bryan, he keeps dropping hints about potential tunes from the album. Most recently, he uploaded a snippet from an unreleased song written for a woman named "Marie."
Because the mid-season finale of Yellowstone is drawing near and production on the new spin-off 1923 has begun, viewers will be paying close attention to any further appearances by Zach Bryan and his deep crooning.
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