Yuck Appétit! 25 Times Restaurants Offer A Side Of Hygiene Fails With Their Meals

If there's one thing we all love, it's going out to eat. There's something thrilling about indulging in a delicious meal without having to do the dishes. However, every now and then, a restaurant makes headlines for all the wrong reasons: hygiene fails. Suddenly, our appetites are replaced with disgust, and the thought of eating in a filthy kitchen is enough to make us lose our appetite. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants out there that take cleanliness seriously, with skilled chefs who prioritize food safety and cater to allergies. But let's be honest, there are still some shady restaurants that make us feel like we need a hazmat suit just to dine there.
That's why today Emily brings you these 25 images that are a testament to the most cringe-worthy hygiene fails in restaurants, from kitchen nightmares to gross dining areas. So, the next time you're out to eat, keep your eyes peeled for these warning signs, or you might just find yourself dining in a biohazard zone.

#1. Nope, not eating here.

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#2. A bonus!


#3. Jerry is hungry.


#4. Extremely fresh!


#5. Teamwork.


#6. Hide and seek, level health violation:

Source: cheezburger

#7. Munch much, crunch crunch.

Source: nst

#8. Hooters wings, anyone?

Source: ViralHog

#9. Subway, feet fresh.

Source: drunkenmisanthrope

#10. Experience the extra crunch fries at your nearest Taco Bell:

Source: gump69

#11. Your crapplebees cook:

Source: heffydedia

#12. Who needs clothes when you make food, who needs two gloves instead of one...

Source: Connman1151

#13. I think I'll pass on the refill...

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#14. Watch restaurant owner Carl’s Jr. mix BBQ sauce with bare hands

Source: cbc

#15. Has to be the worst Wendy's on the planet

Source: tripadvisor

#16. Crime scene at Burger King:

Source: Unknown

#17. Burger King and their latest burger flavor:

Source: The Sun

#18. Subway with a view: worker pulling his pants down and scratching his bum behind the counter.

Source: The Sun

#19. Just WTF?

Source: today

#20. You know it's Tuesday when Taco Bell employee urinate on nachos...

Source: dailymail

#21. or licking a stack of taco shells.

Source: today

#22. "Selected potatoes"

Source: liverpoolecho

#23. Eat here if you dare.

Source: tripadvisor

#24. Nasty.

Source: carpetbooth

#25. Glove or not, WTF is this?

Source: lostatsea12a

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