'You Had One Job': Brace Yourselves With Job Fails Nobody Was Ready For

#1 Someone is probably desperately looking for that puzzle piece

Source: anderscandor

#2 I'm not admitting that I'm color-blind

Source: LordFends

#3 Woah. Thanks, dude

Source: nims_2525

#4 Couldn't be bothered to move the brick first

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#5 The alignment is just slightly off

Source: declancochran

#6 They made fine wallpaper, indeed

Source: DimitriTooProBro

#7 A label "you can't trust"

Source: Dabs4Cayde

#8 Still expecting to come to us after 6 years?

Source: SickLords

#9 You don't want it? Learn to deal with it!

Source: NotPechente

#10 Creasing the light switch

Source: KristinLydia

#11 Double the role for half the price

Source: TheGasMove

#12 I'm not paid to move that thing

Source: namelesske

#13 Let's keep it this way

Source: MuzzWave

#14 Can't! OK!

Source: PainOfClarity

#15 So close yet so far

Source: sandybeach82

#16 You don't say where you want your extra cheese to be added

Source: jvharris_1965

#17 Are you sure you didn't forget anything?

Source: Nikoklis

#18 OMG, how can anyone figure out the password?

Source: techietraveller84

#19 The story of the toilet shower

Source: notjustthemenyo

#20 Fifty shades of biking

Source: Reddit

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