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  1. #1. Yellowstone 1923 Dutton Family Tree: Fully Explained

Yellowstone 1923 Dutton Family Tree: Fully Explained

Searching for information about Yellowstone 1923 Dutton family tree? Here we go! The fifth season of the massively popular show is almost over. With the premiere of the Yellowstone prequel series 1923 on Paramount+, it's arguable that the Duttons have one of the most convoluted family trees in all of television. The family turmoil in the Dutton household is always entertaining, but it's getting harder and harder to keep track of everyone.
We have constructed an easily understandable Dutton family tree to ensure those moments that keep you on the edge of your seat go on without a hitch. The Duttons are one of the most well-known ranching families in the United States. Eventually, the family settled in Montana, not far from Yellowstone National Park, where it established the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Beginning with James Dutton and Margaret Dutton (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, respectively) in the 1883 season, the show follows four generations of the Dutton family building a ranch in Yellowstone.

#1. Yellowstone 1923 Dutton Family Tree: Fully Explained

How Many Duttons Appear in '1883'?

Yellowstone 1923 Dutton Family Tree Source: Yellowstone
The Dutton family, who viewers will get to know in 1883, moves to Montana to establish the Yellowstone Ranch close to Yellowstone National Park. Tim McGraw's Civil War veteran James Dutton is the family patriarch. He marries Faith Hill's powerful and uncompromising Margaret Dutton, who becomes the first matriarch of the Dutton Family.
John Dutton (Audie Rick) and his sister Elsa are the Dutton children and legal heirs to the family ranch (Isabel May). Since John is only five, Elsa, a fiery and strong-willed figure, usually steals the show. However, while on the route, Elsa is struck with a poisonous arrow and dies. There, at the house where Elsa died, the Duttons now reside.
Dawn Olivieri plays Claire Dutton, James' sister-in-law, and Mary Abel, her daughter, also show up in 1883. (Malouff, Emma). In the show, Mary Abel dies quickly, and her mother, Claire, ends up killing herself. So, viewers didn't spend much time with the rest of the Dutton family in 1883.

The Duttons in '1923'?

Yellowstone 1923 Dutton Family Tree
A rancher family is followed over four decades by three generations of the family's offspring. Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and his wife Cara (Helen Mirren) take over the ranch after the death of Jacob's brother James (Tom Hanks). Cara, an Irish immigrant, and her husband Jacob raised James' children because they did not have any of their own. Cara prides herself on being fierce and willing to do everything for the sake of her family.


In 1923, the now-adult John Dutton Sr. (James Badge Dale) assisted his uncle Jacob, the new patriarch of the Dutton family, in running the ranch. Emma (Marley Shelton), John's Srwife, .'s is a traditionalist who finds fulfillment in her duty as a wife and a confidante to their daughter, Cara.
Spencer Dutton, played by Brandon Sklenar in John Srbrother, is a World War I veteran who runs away to Africa after seeing the terrible things that happened during the war. Back in Yellowstone, John and Emma had a son named John "Jack" Dutton Jr. (Darren Mann), who was completely devoted to the ranch and would do anything for his family's business. He will marry the beautiful Elizabeth Strafford, who Michelle Randolph plays. She will be a great addition to the Dutton family.
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