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  1. 1. Xavier and Wednesday chemistry
  2. 2. Xavier and Wednesday’s Past: Hidden Message You Don’t Know
  3. 3. Who does Wednesday Addams end up with?

Xavier and Wednesday’s Past Mystery: Hidden Message You Don’t Know

In Netflix's colorful yet dark spin on the Addams Family, Wednesday, executive producer Tim Burton gives the iconic family a makeover. Following the gloomy child-turned-sullen teenager after she's enrolled in a boarding school for supernatural outcasts, Wednesday brings a fresh perspective to an old favorite.
Early on in the show, Wednesday is admired by a fellow student named Xavier (Percy Hynes White) who’s a psychic artist. Though Wednesday isn’t sure what to make of him at first, they definitely have a will-they, even a mysterious past that you won’t notice.

1. Xavier and Wednesday chemistry

Xavier and Wednesday PastSource: Pop Buzz

 The teen drama series centers on Jenna Ortega, the title character, who is sent to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school. When one of the students is killed, she decides to investigate the crime on her own because in her new reality, supernatural beings like werewolves and sirens are her classmates. Making friends and starting relationships are more difficult than dealing with monsters or dying during Wednesday's transition. Wednesday is a very independent individual who dislikes developing attachments to other people or things. She tends to spook people because she guards her heart so closely. She sort of blends in at Nevermore, where everyone is an outcast.
Xavier has psychic visions like Wednesday, but they're more powerful, and they come to him in dreams, not by touching something. It is not fully explained, but his visions have some connection to his drawings, which are what spurred his paintings of the Hyde. Xavier also spends a lot of time painting ravens in Nevermore’s quad, and this was focused on heavily throughout the first season of Wednesday but never explored. However, there is a link between Wednesday Addams and ravens that may be significant.

Xavier and Wednesday PastSource: Distractify

 Though Wednesday isn’t sure what to make of him at first, they definitely have a will-they, won’t-they thing going on and even form a love triangle with another guy vying for Wednesday’s heart, Tyler (Hunter Doohan). Tyler is a normie who lives in the town nearby, Jericho, working as a barista at a coffee shop Wednesday frequents.
Though it seems Wednesday favors Tyler over Xavier, that all changes when she finds out through a vision during their first kiss that Tyler isn’t who he says he is. He’s actually something called a Hyde and he can transform into a monster, with the name being a nod to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As it turns out, he’s the one who’s been attacking students and townspeople, and Wednesday must take him down.

2. Xavier and Wednesday’s Past: Hidden Message You Don’t Know

Xavier and Wednesday PastSource: Pop Buzz

 The fact that Xavier and Wednesday have been friends since they were 10 years old further suggests that their two families have a long history of interaction. The murder mystery from Wednesday season 1 doesn't focus much on their past, but season 2 might be different. Xavier's famous psychic father Vincent Thorpe, who is assumed to already know Morticia and Gomez Addams given that they were all present at the funeral of Xavier's godmother, will probably make an appearance in Wednesday season 2. If Vincent went to Nevermore Academy with Morticia and Gomez, Wednesday might reveal a long-standing rivalry or friendship with Xavier's parents.
Wednesday Addams is likely to find a new love interest in Wednesday season 2 now that Tyler has been identified as the Hyde monster who murdered several outcasts and normal people. In addition to Tyler, Wednesday was notably preparing for a relationship with Xavier that might involve their previous acquaintance as kids. Since there were a few flashbacks to a young Wednesday in Wednesday season 1, season 2 can now include a flashback to a meeting between 10-year-old Wednesday and Xavier at the funeral.

3. Who does Wednesday Addams end up with?

Xavier and Wednesday PastSource: Polygon

There’s definitely a heightened flirtationship between her and Xavier especially because she saved his life. After the students are saved from Crackstone and Thornhill, Nevermore closes down for the semester. As they say goodbye, Tyler gifts Wednesday her first cell phone so they can stay in touch while they’re both at home. Xavier asks if she’ll be back next semester, but Wednesday doesn’t answer.
If Wednesday is renewed for a second season, we hope to see more of Wednesday and Xavier's relationship. But if they do start dating, it will be difficult. Wednesday is still emotionally unavailable, and she needs to work through some issues before she can commit to a boyfriend. Plus, I'm sure she'll have more pressing matters to attend to, such as rescuing Nevermore once more. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated funny pictures and news.
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