World’s Largest And Heaviest Sea Turtle Is Surprisingly Seen On Beach

Turtle is probably not a familiar species for many of us since they live in the deep ocean most of the time. Without much research or understanding of these animals, people are often shocked when they see them in reality, especially those with impressive sizes such as leatherbacks.

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The leatherback is the world’s biggest sea turtle and the heaviest non-crocodilian reptile, which can reach a length of up to over 6.5 feet and weigh about 2,000 pounds. They are found in tropical and temperate parts of the ocean around the world. These gigantic marine creatures live in deep water, and female individuals only leave the ocean to lay eggs. Therefore, only a few people are lucky enough to see them in the real world.

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Recently, a video was shared on YouTube, showing a huge leatherback sea turtle resting on the sand. It seemed the creature had laid eggs and been on the way to the sea. Two spectators beside the marine reptile even emphasized the animal’s enormous size. The place where the turtle appeared wasn’t mentioned in the video, but everyone would probably envy those having this rare chance to see these incredible creatures.

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Jellyfish are the main source of food for leatherbacks, and they often rise up to the sea surface during nighttime. As a result, it’s more likely to see a leatherback at night than during the daytime. While people in boats might see them swimming on the ocean surface, the number of shore sightings only happens less than a dozen times during two decades.

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The world’s largest sea turtle could be easily distinguished from other species. As the name refers, they have shell-less back that is covered with oily flesh and flexible, leather-like skin.

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Sadly, this humongous marine reptile is an endangered species, with around 25,000 individuals in the world. There are lots of unknown information about this mysterious creature that has been around the Earth for over 100 million years.
Let's admire this mighty species in the video below!
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