"Workplace Safety? Wtf Is That?": 20 Times People Disregarded Recklessly For The Safety Of Human Life

The slogan "Safety First" highlights the importance of being safe rather than sorry. Employers must keep this in mind because it is the most fundamental right that employees have. We never know what will happen today, tomorrow, or the next day. Many workplaces can quickly develop into death traps. But, for whatever reason, many people continue to ignore "Safety First" and disregard all workplace safety regulations. Perhaps they thought, "Workplace safety? Wtf is that?" or, "Don't worry, I'm fine," and so on. We've compiled a collection of amusing photos to remind you of the significance of workplace safety.
Here is a list of 20 times people ignored safe work practices, as shared on the "OSHA" subreddit. Trust me, they will drive you insane. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share them with your friends. Have a good laugh!

#1. Something ain't right about this

Source: courtesy_flush_plz

#2. Meanwhile in Russia

Source: gnitto

#3. Dad's friend came across this. Seems legit.

Source: wearing_moist_socks

#4. Tape, concrete... same thing

Source: ChewybacaXD

#5. I'm a photographer and I saw this in downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia

Source: super_nova_135

#6. Former Australian prime minister Scott Morrison trying his hand at welding

Source: nonsensepoem

#7. Hmm

Source: nonsensepoem

#8. Design idea from a Facebook group

Source: vanlikeno1

#9. Proper lifeline security

Source: DasterMuel

#10. I'm not sure the wooden edge of the playground is the best place to store your burning, unsupervised blowtorch

Source: Birdseeding

#11. Manager has zip tied our only emergency door shut for the past 2 months because they're "tired of thieves running out the back"

Source: Valladian

#12. We're all gonna die

Source: caboose2006

#13. Saw this ad on YouTube the other day

Source: The-Sofa-King

#14. There was a police officer next to that van before I took this picture

Source: Striped_Sponge

#15. How to transport a pane of glass

Source: Reddit

#16. Volunteer FF, never noticed this one in our trucks before. we aren't allowed to wear helmets in the truck. apparently, your head could snap right clean off

Source: rnov8tr

#17. Finally found one in the wild

Source: Inane_Endeavours

#18. Window cleaners across the street. I'm on the 5th floor. NYC

Source: lazykaru

#19. This exit will expose you to formaldehyde

Source: BFeely1

#20. Glad I found this sub, I have lots of great content

Source: BFeely1

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