Women Share Their Brilliant And Succinct Wit On Twitter That Never Fail To Brighten Our Day

After Elon Musk became the owner and CEO of Twitter on October 27, 2022, many prominent public figures and ordinary users started talking about leaving the platform. While the future of Twitter is still unclear, it's undeniable it can bring us a lot of joy with funny tweets if you know where to look for them. Of course, Twitter has always had its unsightly side, but the iconic and hilarious tweets have definitely made it a great platform to be at. And, one of this collection belongs to funny tweets by women.
From businesswomen to housewives, these women tweeted their thoughts and day-to-day experiences to share their voices and entertain anyone who cares about their tweets. Interestingly, not only other women but also men relate to and like the things they wrote about. More than that, many Entertainment platforms even collect the funniest tweets from women and put them in one place so that their readers can find them easily and enjoy a wave of laughter.
In this post, we've featured the funniest tweets written by female users that are downright funny and relevant. The ladies of Twitter won't let you down with their brilliant and succinct wit. Well...Do you have any amusing tweets from women that make you laugh out loud? Share them with us in the comments.

#1 They're everywhere

Source: NotABigJerk

#2 Banger and a tragedy at the same time

Source: bb_apes

#3 "I wanna die when I see their fridge"

Source: chlsprry

#4 Their nine week old unnamed husky puppy was adorable btw

Source: bipbopemma

#5 "I be sleepy"

Source: aliyahInterlude

#6 "I though I was the only one that did this sh*t"

Source: stephk_davis

#7 So…how’d that work out?

Source: AtsukoComedy

#8 He’s the reason for the tear drops on my iPod

Source: RohitaKadambi

#9 This made me laugh so hard ?

Source: laylology

#10 Which is why single men don't wash their sheets

Source: ItsSamG

#11 This is genius

Source: plume__

#12 Knowledge over cash every time

Source: OLightworker

#13 "I'll keep it in mind"

Source: kitkatalol

#14 That's what pets are for baybeee

Source: niccolethurman

#15 The band?

Source: pigeoncowboys

#16 Yeah, sadly. Your cousin's spot on

Source: abbygov

#17 Get that cardio in queen

Source: mxmtoon

#18 De play?

Source: ambermruffin

#19 Legend deserves a treat

Source: Deenike

#20 Long story short: Never date actors

Source: Ruth_A_Buzzi

#21 She deserves better

Source: BrotiGupta

#22 Great idea!

Source: the_rewm

#23 I think it’s fair to say a particular decade should just be forgotten and not count

Source: nkkdntn

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