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Woman Trolls Her Neighbor Who Often Talks To His Cat But She Makes So Many People Laugh

Imagine a magical world where cats, dogs, pets, and animals could talk! Humans might never speak to each other again. Though people know it is just a dream, they can’t help hoping their little furbabies would communicate with them via words. Surprisingly, somebody does believe their four-legged buddies can understand and respond to them. How much true are their stories? Let’s read this hysterical furry tail and figure it out!

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Redditor thatgirlagain17 shares on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest how she confused her neighbor’s mind. He had a beautiful greyish long-haired male feline named Kevin. Every time he left and came home, he said, “Hello, Kevin!”, and the moggie meowed back. The OP was so familiar with their routine. One day, she heard them greeting each other. After a few minutes, she noticed that Kevin sounded so loud and unpleased.

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Thus, she walked out of her apartment and saw the kitty outside the neighbor’s door scratching it angrily and jumping to reach the doorknob. Meanwhile, his owner was looking for him inside their place. Then, the OP had an idea. She knocked on the neighbor’s door and ran back to hers quickly. The man opened his door, saw his cat screaming there, and was so confused that he asked his cat how he could do it, which made the OP roll on her floor and chuckle day by day.

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In the comment zone, other Redditors mostly enjoy her funny story. They left numerous positive replies about how good they felt toward the OP and her brilliant joke. The post got so many upvotes that even the OP didn’t know why. Despite the un-expectation, she was glad that her tale gave joy to others.

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While somebody claims to hear the idea somewhere and doubts if anyone would probably think their cats can knock on doors, a handful of comments are full of sarcastic theories. They made jokes about naming cats with human names, speaking with cats, and many more. Besides, they think it is a harmless prank, and more similar ones should be pulled instead of mean and dangerous ones.

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From another perspective, some Redditors cite that several cats and pets can adapt to human verbal communication and do a few simple things like humans. They do agree the story was laughable, but they don’t think the idea of cats being able to knock on doors is stupid and impossible.

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