Woman Mourning At Graveside Looks Up And Sees Guardian 'Angel' Who Brings Her Solace

Pets are as sensitive as humans are. They do know and feel loss toward their owners' demise. It's no argument that pets are our best accompanies through grieving time. Though they don't speak our language, they show their care and affection through their action and presence. That's how animal lovers always find comfort and peace at heart with these warm living beings.

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A Spanish viral TikToker, María José Sáez Orte, had something to tell dog-adoring communities when she came home after visiting the local cemetery. The young lady had just lost somebody she held dear in her heart. Hence, she couldn't help crying while standing in front of the grave.

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Then, a sweet pup came by Orte's side. Firstly, the lady didn't know why he was there, but it seemed he wished to calm her and ease her pain. He sat down on the grass and put his paw on her lap as if he was saying that she would be alright.

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Furthermore, he let Orte fondle him and licked her back to express his care. The melancholic aura turned into warmth and affection. The young lady felt like she was blessed by a guardian angel, and she was able to say goodbye to the person she loved most.

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Orte didn't forget to record the angelic creature and share the clip on her Tiktok channel. It has reached more than ten million views and received nearly three million heart icons. Most of the comments below said that the woofing fellow was god-sent to relieve people's consolation there.
@cotesaurio9hoy fui a despedirme de la persona que más he querido porque yo también decidía irme y llegó este perrito :(♬ Home - Edith Whiskers
The young lady's mind was on the dog since the moment he looked at her sincerely, so she came to see him again and heard his story. The cemetery caretakers found him wandering nearby and didn't know his name or anything about his family. He seemed to be a stray dog. Thus, they let him stay, sheltered him, and fed him every day.

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This adorable canine sure would be there for many more people suffering the utmost loss. If you like to praise the caring pup, please share his furry tail with your friends and family! Hit the like-share button, comment below, and click to read more heartwarming stories on our site!
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