Woman Is Roasted By Family For Not Allowing Cousin To Get Married At Family House, And Reddit Weights In

Besides the nuclear family with beloved parents and siblings, we all have a large extended family with many people we probably never see. If a relative suddenly calls you after years of no contact, they must realize that they can get benefits from you. The problem is should you lend them a helping hand if you have to sacrifice a lot to meet their demand? It is the situation a Reddit user called u/throwawaygayhouse200 has to face.


The poster, a 28-year-old homosexual woman, took her struggle with her relatives to the AITA subreddit to seek help from netizens. She explained that her mother had her when she was 16. Her mother came out a lesbian at 25, which was unacceptable for her conservative Christian family, so the Redditor’s grandfather disowned her. The woman remembered that her grandfather was affluent and had a big Summer House next to a picturesque lake used for family vacations. The place was so beautiful that it blew the poster’s mind when she visited there many years ago.

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After the woman’s grandfather and mother passed away due to Covid, her grandmother wanted to support her as she felt regretful. When her grandmother lost her life last year, she left the Redditor the summer house as compensation. The woman decided to rent it out to earn income from it.

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Her family was fuming when they knew about what she had done. The poster hadn’t met her relatives since she was 6, so she didn’t care much about them. Lately, however, her aunt called her and informed her that her cousin had intended to organize her wedding at the summer house next summer. Her cousin had been dreaming of that since she was little. Undoubtedly, the place was perfect for weddings due to its architecture and gorgeous façade.

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Nonetheless, the Reddit user refused her aunt and explained that the house had been reserved on that date. She suggested that her cousin book another date and pay the cost as other guests. Consequently, her family blew up on her for charging her family members. In contrast, the woman believed she wasn't wrong when treating them as other people who wanted to hire the house.

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The thread has gained over 11,600 upvotes and 2,800 comments and caused a stir among Reddit users. On the one hand, many rallied behind the poster and supported her action. They stated that the way her aunt told her about the wedding instead of asking her indicated an entitled attitude. Those relatives hadn’t shown up when she and her mother struggled without family support, so they didn’t have the right to demand anything from her. They shouldn’t have called themselves the woman’s family. Besides, the house belonged to the Redditor, so she could do whatever she wanted.

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On the other hand, some disapproved of the poster’s ill manner. While netizens agreed that the woman could decide how to use her house, they criticized her for being cold and inconsiderate. Her cousin did nothing wrong to her, so at least she should give a discount to her family. Others declared everyone at fault in this situation. Whereas the user’s relatives were unreasonable for expecting to use the property for free, the woman seemed heartless when putting money over her family.

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What do you think about this thread? Do you believe the Redditor’s family was in the wrong? What would you do if you were in the poster’s position? Please let us know your view in the comment below!
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